Excerpt – Smutpunk on Skates (Four Book Asian Erotica Bundle) | #wahlao #AsianSmutpunk


Excerpt – Smutpunk on Skates (Four Book Asian Erotica Bundle)

by Emme Hor


That fucker held her hips and pumped away, while the big, black butt plug gripped her tight anal walls and massaged the underbelly of his thick, white shaft until he was on the brink of cumming. He pulled his massive mushroom-headed club out of her cute quivering cunt, brought her leg toward him, kissed her juicy calf in cruel juxtaposition of abuse and love that sent her heart fluttering. He pushed her roller-skated-foot to his dick. He rubbed his cock on the wheels and moaned.


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“You’re sick,” Heather said as he let her skates jerk him off. Her plump pussy lips were gaping, begging for his cock to come back.

“I know,” he said. “And you fucking love every minute of it. Look at your fat cunt lips flapping in the wind desperately, whore!”

He pulled on her cunt lips roughly and let them smack back into her pubic bone with a pop. Heather felt like she’d been smacked with a glove.

When that delicious fucker pushed his victorious dick back into her throbbing pussy, it was utter nirvana for her. Heather saw the Sun dim. She saw stars shoot. She felt like the sexiest roller-skater in the universe. There was that nasty feeling of being an utter slut mixed with the guilty pleasure of fucking an ex. A fantastic orgasm shuttered down her spine and through her lips. Her voice came back and she screamed her own name, “Heather!” as if she was reprimanding herself for being such a dirty little butt-plugged tramp. She pulled his dick deeper with her Kegel muscles and by lifting her hips.

That fucker couldn’t take anymore. It was like fucking quicksand. Her muscles held him so tight, he felt like his dick would rip off from the root. He stepped back and his cock popped out of her cunt. He stood over her and hosed down her face with his cum. She lapped up some of it, savoring the taste of his superior cum on her tongue as he collapsed onto the log on his back. Most of his cum dripped from her flushed cheeks, sexy chin, and full lips.

“You know, I thought you owned me, but look at you,” Heather said and then flipped herself up onto her skates adroitly, leaned down and kissed him victoriously on the lips. Now she was looking down at him, her long hair cascading down onto his chest, with sunrays exploding geometrically like a kaleidoscopic halo around her head. She was gorgeous and she knew it. She kissed him, the cum transferred from her cum stained lips to his. She wiggled her head and smeared his cum all over his face triumphantly.



Read the whole thing at geni.us/SmutpunkSkates

Some slang from the book:

Buaya – Definition 1 | Definition 2 | Definition up your ass!

Lah – see image

Wahlao – Video Definition

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How to Convince Your Girlfriend/Wife/Other to take a Facial #SexTips #LPRTG


 Another Installment from the Instructional Series

“The Facial” (aka How to Convince Your Girlfriend/Wife/Other to take a Facial)

The Wonderful Climax that lands on a Face

Stocks can be quite persuasive!

Stocks can be quite persuasive!

Giving your girlfriend/wife/one-night-stand-whore a facial is a very important and complex ritual that any true man must master. Every couple goes through this same routine: The guy isn’t happy until the girlfriend routinely takes his nut every morning, or evening, or whatever hour they agree upon, but many men let their girlfriends dictate. This is, of course, a big mistake. Some people go through all kinds of trouble to make their loved one, slave, or sex toy take nut-butter (see images). This is a waste of time and energy and it really shouldn’t be. Your efforts are needed elsewhere and a facial is your privileged that you should be tapping into. It really shouldn’t be too terribly long before your cum is hitting her nose and eyes if you follow some simple steps, such as coercing her with lore of moisturized skin, tempting her to conform with the regularity of which it’s done in all the popular porn movies, telling her she’ll be your princess, and if necessary (or if you just want) by telling her that you love her dearly.

The first thing is to remind her that choad is in fact very good for her skin and that she’s already putting it on her face after every shower when she uses all those haute couture products that she uses. Haute Couture cum is great! The next thing to remind her is that all the porn girls do it. You can easily show her a blowjob and cumshot compilation videos in abundance at slutload.com, or youjizz.com, or stupidwhoreseatmoctezumacum.com. She will probably enjoy watching the porn. If she doesn’t, you may have a lot of work to do convincing her and should probably consider buying some stocks (see images). If you do buy stocks, simply lock her in and go to work–end of story. After you come on her bound face, tell her what a dumb slut she is and photograph her and send to this blog. They love the humiliation; that will make her day. If none of these tips help, you’re going to have to ask her if she wants to be your princess. “Of course,” she’ll say and then you put a tiara on her head and jizz all over it and her hair and her face. Also, you probably need to tell her that you love her and be very gentle with her. She may not be ready for a facial for whatever reason. Don’t feel too shy to beg her to take your load. If begging gets her to kneel and be your cum target you should feel like a stud. Also, if she begrudgingly kneels and lets the semen splatter her then you must either photograph it for posterity–because it will be a long time till the next one, if there is ever a next one–or you should immediately call her a stupid cum dump just to see the horror on her face.

Part of the Instructional Series by Moctezuma Johnson

Remember that no slut, err girl, is born ready to take a facial but they are all willing to learn to love it. The onus is on you, dudes. You have to work her into becoming your personal cumpig little by little. That said, you can surely convince her and feel like a real man. Girls will do all kinds of kinky shit for the man they love. Don’t worry. Remember the death of the Alpha Man in modern society is leading to his resurgence.

Post your experiences below and ask me if there’s any other how-to that you need. Happy cum-shooting!

Why is the facial so important?
Marking your lover with your seed is quite empowering for a number of reasons. Tantamount is that the visual side of sex is really important to men (as Callie Press says in Give Great Head). Seeing the cum on my girl’s face turns me on. Also, knowing that there’s no chance of pregnancy and the session is focused on pleasure and nothing more is hot. It gives a nasty feel to the encounter. And, as George Clinton says, “All that is good is nasty!”

Book Review: A Thing of Beauty by Bianca M. Schwarz


[amazon text=A Thing of Beauty: The Sir Henry March Mysteries (Volume 1)&asin=1940811341] by Bianca M. Schwarz

Book Review by Moctezuma Johnson

I had never read a historical romance before and found it to be a daunting task. It took me a while to get accustomed to the pacing of the novel but luckily Bianca can really write well. The grammar is sound and the writing is highly polished. Little by little she pulled me into her world. The book starts off somewhere in England before the invention of the telegraph and slowly builds around a rich gent and a pretty woman he finds beaten at the curb. The tone is way more suited to literature than genre fiction, at least in the beginning. The tone is slow and meaningful, not the fast paced superficial prose of much contemporary Erotica. Bianca has done her homework and has the sound of the English spoken in that time period with detail paid to the different accents of the different classes. The first half of the book follows as a period piece giving you the feel of the day with a love story of Henry and Eliza. The second half has a plot about an old enemy that they try to catch in the act of torturing young girls. One demerit for me was the attitude of the novel toward which sexual deviances are acceptable and which are evil wasn’t made clear to me. It was assumed the reader would consider some men good and others bad, but I am not so easily convinced. I wished there was more discussion on the subject.

Also worth thinking about and discussing is the style of prose. It’s slow and languid. My guess is that fans of historical fiction will really enjoy the attention to detail and appreciate that Bianca took the time to install a thorough plot. Personally I wish the plot came into prevalence a bit earlier but do applaud the overall structure. Admittedly I don’t usually read historical romance fiction, so i suspect this probably means this was built smarter than I’ve even realized. Overall, The dialogue was quite well done even though Henry didn’t always speak like a man. Still, the dialogue was true to its time with a smattering of old words like phaeton, serviette, and curricle. The ending was really well done. I don’t usually like when plots are neatly tied up but in this case it was like a 1000 piece puzzle had slipped into place. Pretty cool.

Dick Rating:
 I can’t really give it too many dicks up because I’m not sure it’s even erotica. It’s a historical romance with an erotic element between two characters and some sexual deviations used to create villains not sexual satisfaction for the reader. I guess I’d give it one dick of two dicks up.

Literary Value: A Tale of Two Titties and Some Dicks out of a Tale of Two Cities.

Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars. The story is well worth reading!



Learn More about Bianca | Book Review: A Thing of Beauty by Bianca M. Schwarz | Find other Reviews by MJ | Learn More about MJ

the Big Tit Looms

the Big Tit Looms 

the big tit looms
like an avalanche
about to stop the galaxy
from drinking coffee
late each night
under buzzing neon signs
that sprinkle the street
like sprinkles on ice cream
like Montgomery Bumps
on the big areola

the big tit looms
once tasted
like a mothership
if one of its dicks go astray
the big tit zaps
a sizzling jealousy laser
at other big tits

Cum Bucket Poem #LPRTG #DirtyPoem


cumpig-whoreCum Bucket Poem

by Moctezuma Johnson


this is my slut
dressed a moment ago in floral skirt
blouse with push up bra
bouncing her titties as she walked
expertly in her high-heels
now she’s my slut
butt-naked on the floor
she’s a filthy cum bucket pig
with a big fat ass
who takes my big cock
relishes the girth
gags and chokes.
the slut fucks for boots,
blouses, and credit card help
the slut’s fat thighs jiggle
when you slap them
the slut’s eyes go wide
when cock chokes her
the slut purrs when she gets passed around

Heather’s Reverse Blowjob


Heather’s Reverse Blowjob

she likes jerking it off with her hands

stroking my big cock

with it aimed at her face

she’s kneeling

smiling and jerking


as soon as she feels the cum

bubble up out to her nose

she sucks it into her mouth

and starts deepthroating the thing


Nicole’s Great Ass

i’m behind her, facing the mirror

she’s a bit thicker in the belly than i realized

but her ass is stupendous

my cock slides into her wet pussy


I want to finish on you

I spread her legs while fucking her

from behind

lifting her up and seeing my cock enter her

in the mirror

where? she asks

I fuck her a bit more, feeling my orgasm rise

wherever I want! I tell her

I fuck her hard now from behind

and pull out and pull her down to her knees

she stops when my cock gets to her tits

and spurts all over her.

I lie on my back recovering

She rubs my feet while my cum drips down her tits

Real or Imaginary?

Real or Imaginary, Part 2


Snap, Crackle, Spunk! – Pop Art and Smutpunk



Pop Art and Smutpunk

by Moctezuma Johnson

Okay, it has come to my attention that people would like to see a little more pop art. I am far from an expert on pop art, but I will try to impart a little bit of what draws me to it time and again when writing, and pinning on pinterest. Surely you’ve seen Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup cans, Charles Demuth’s Figure No. 5 [pictured right (down on a mobile device)] and very similar to the ‘one two three four five’ Sesame Street Song, or Roy Lichenstein’s deperate women with dots. Although you’ve seen these images, or marketing’s copies of these images, you may not know how the Pop Art movement started or why. The reasons are very similar to what I’m doing with smutpunk now and I’d like you to know a little more so you can enjoy both Pop Art and Smutpunk to the fullest. I want to share some of the artwork with you. However, if I’m going to share some bits of what I find to be the essentials of Pop Art, I think we need to discuss a bit about what it is, how it started, and who made it famous.


What is Pop Art?

“Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s in Britain and the late 1950s in the United States.[1] The movement presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertisingcomic books and mundane cultural objects. One of its aims is to use images of popular (as opposed to elitist) culture in art, emphasizing the banal or kitschy elements of any culture, most often through the use of irony.[2] It is also associated with the artists’ use of mechanical means of reproduction or rendering techniques. In pop art, material is sometimes visually removed from its known context, isolated, and/or combined with unrelated material.[1][2] (from Wikipedia).

What does Smutpunk have to do with Pop Art?

Smutpunk isn’t so different but it’s a modernized indie form of the same elements. Pop artists often used mechanical means to render their work. Now, in 2017 you can use digital forms. There are millions of apps and programs to ‘photoshop’ any image, there’s a catalog of images with no copyrights attached, there the collage technique to mix forms, and then there’s the rise of indie publishing which lets artists and writers morph many elements from magic realism to cthulhu into one pop art, pulpy mesh of awesome sauce slathered smoothie. I like to think of my writing as a steroid-laced smoothie, as you know.


How did Pop Art Begin?

Pop art seems like an American phenomenon thanks to the use of cultural items from the US (like Coca-Cola and Campbells Soup cans) but actually pop art started in Great Britain as a means of digesting the mass cultural imperialism of the USA from afar. Eduardo Paolozzi was the first artist who used the expression ‘pop art’ to explain his work and is most likely the grandfather of the genre. PAOLOZZI_I_Was_a_Rich_Mans_Plaything_500_700_80After the movement started in the UK, pop art took on another wave from American artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. The artwork that came out of New York in this era may be the most well-known. Pop art was less academic in the US. The artists in Britain focused on the paradoxical imagery of American pop culture as manipulative symbolic devices that were causing the deterioration of whole patterns of life while seemingly improving the prosperity of a society. Looking at this from 2017, it seems fair to say that pop culture has accelerated the decline of the civilization.

Pop art owes thanks to Dada, but lacks the destructive, satirical, and anarchic impulses of the Dada movement.

Personally, I’m not sure if smutpunk owes its allegiance more to Dada or Pop Art. Perhaps both and neither. I mean, it’s 2017, what’s allegiance anyway?


Who made Pop Art Famous?

Eduardo Paolozzi, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichentein, Keith Haring, and many many more (see a great list of famous pop artists) contributed to the success and popularity of pop art. And don’t think it was all happening in the English-speaking world. Spain, Japan, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Russia all had major movements associated with pop art. You can see Japan’s subway with eyes on it or the infinity rooms by Yayoi Kusama.



Snap, Crackle, Art by MJ


Here was a little taste of pop art. I will continue to post pulp and pop art on Pinterest and Facebook for you to enjoy. In fact, I now have a weekly spot on Nu Romantics called Snap, Crackle, Art by MJ to share this with you and get your feedback on how it contributes to smutpunk and other writing/art. I will post three images every Tuesday and ask a question or guide a little discussion about what you see. Well, that’s the idea. We will see what actually transpires.

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