Tax Time in the USA – No Tax Evasion Here!

tax evasion

No Tax Evasion Here – I’m Just a Regular Mo Joe

It’s tax time in the USA. Scary times. I love how our president doesn’t have to pay his but the rest of us fucks pay every last dime we barely earn.


One comment on “Tax Time in the USA – No Tax Evasion Here!

  1. Of all the currencies in the world you had to use the ZAR.
    Pisses me of that the President’s, monarchy and the super rich always find a way to evade paying their taxes. And if they do pay it’s a mere pittance compared to what the ordinary hardworking person pays.
    If these greedy pigs paid their fair share there wouldn’t be so much poverty in the world. But that would be a disaster because then we would all be equal and the pigs can’t have that!!!

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