Sex Tip #9 – The Art of Pleasuring Yourself


Sex Tip of the Week – The Art of Pleasuring Yourself

It seems simple enough. Touch yourself in the way that brings you pleasure. While that is true there’s a way to make it a bit more exciting and I don’t mean by sitting on your hand until it goes numb so you feel like you’re being touched by a stranger. The key to pleasuring yourself properly is, don’t just give in so easily. I mean what fun is a roll in the hay when you don’t have to chase the person for at least a little bit. The quest from being turned down to lowering the panties is where most of the thrill is! Right? Of course, so don’t be so easy with yourself. Don’t just plop down, spread your legs, and start rubbing that sweet little nub. Give yourself a little show. Make yourself work a bit to get you. Be the hunter. Be the hunted. What fun is Luke Skywanker’s journey without the evil Lord ‘Bater in his way? So as your hand slides down to give yourself a little sugar, slap it away with that other hand and admonish, “Hey, I’m not that kind of girl.” Now your blood should quit festering like a New York City puddle infested with West Nile mosquitoes and start running like the Usumacinta River. Now that you’ve got your attention, give yourself a little slap. Nothing to draw blood, unless that’s the only way to get your juices flowing (in that case, slap the hide off yourself), but more of a push pull with yourself. Now you can start pleasuring yourself, but don’t just bring yourself to orgasm, tissue off, and call it a day. Nope. Get yourself right up to the precipice and stop. That’s right, stop. Leave yourself there, you naughty tease. “Don’t stop,” tell yourself. Then say, “What a desperate little bitch you are,” to yourself. I really believe in speaking honestly with myself and you should get in the practice of being honest with yourself. “You’ll just die if I don’t make you cum, huh?” That’s right, tease yourself. Now bring yourself to the verge of orgasm again. STOP! Yep. One more time, don’t give in to your greedy self. You stay strong, baby! Now I want you to touch yourself with all that pent up passion. Jack- or Jill-off with gusto! Rip past any roadblocks now and let that orgasm cascade over you. It will be much stronger and more satisfying since you resisted your desperate self a little bit.


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