Tromp Causing a Tweetstorm @calliepress #LPRTG | Breaking News

Callie Press pulls down her panties

Callie Press, the hot redhead with bush tuft matching Tromp’s


4 comments on “Tromp Causing a Tweetstorm @calliepress #LPRTG | Breaking News

  1. Callie Press and Moctezuma Johnson know the best words. I’m telling you, I know words and these two have the best words. YUGE words. Over-rated? Nah. Buy their books! And while you’re at it, buy a couple extra. I’m pretty sure we’re all ending up doing hard time at Gitmo.

  2. I’m slow, but you know? This insanity is only gonna get more insane, and these two wacko kiddos know just how to deal with it. SMUTPUNK the PUNK outta his orange ass! It’s true. He’s orange. The Orangarian race of beings came here from a solar system completely unlike our own. They require the blood of fresh immigrants to survive and they cannot think unless yelling and chaos is happening around them. Callie + MJ will no doubt continue to document this bizarre encounter, for it is a once in a lifetime chance! Orangarians are so rare that it might behoove humans to capture this one for scientific study!

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