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A Letter from Moctezuma Johnson

Dear Reader:

Ok, first my name: Moctezuma. Why LXIX? Well, the “famous” Moctezuma is actually Moctezuma II. He’s the one that let Hernan Cortez into the Nahuatl city of Tenochtitlan and inadvertently caused the fall of the Aztec Empire. I come way later and with erotic smutpunk in my splattering cum and blood. So I am installment number 69. I write erotica but not just erotica. If you want the dime store brand of erotica with poor comma usage, name brands and billionaires dropped like birdshit from pigeons, and the same old pre-made cover art then I’m not your man. My erotica comes laced with hallucinogens, truth, Cthulhu, color, and science fiction. It’s smut with smarts. If you have a low IQ save yourself the trouble and don’t even bother trying to read me. Now, those of you still with me are my main bad-ass motherfuckers. And I’m all yours. I’m loyal to a fault (wait until you hear some of the mistakes I’ve made thanks to that!) and I’m used to being on the outside looking in. I’m weird and smart and attract all kinds of people from any background as long as you fit one requirement: be your weird ass self. Once you’ve got that box ticked off I’ll bet you love my work and I will love you as a reader and we will both wonder why the fuck you we hadn’t found each other before.

moctezuma johnson

The Lady in Red from ‘Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Now, let me tell you, writing isn’t easy. It’s hard to find the time with a family, a remunerative job that takes me all over the world, and a penchant for getting distracted by just about any—. What was I saying? I love hearing from readers, so please drop me a line and say hi. I would love to know what else your reading and what’s your most favorite book of all time. Mine is If On a Winter Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino. Ask me tomorrow and you’ll probably get a different answer, but that book will always be in my top three. It’s immense.

The coolest moment of my writing life so far has been either selling thirty-seven books in one day (I’ve had 175 downloads in a day but that was on freebies so that doesn’t count) or being interviewed in Spanish by the now defunct Cumshot Village (who then translated the interview back into English for their readers). I have to get a link to that up on my site.

I have been helped along the way by a number of writers and artists, some of whom I won’t name out of consideration for their privacy, and others who would be happy to be named like Shelby Kent-Stewart, Christina Mandara, Brent Millis (aka Made in DNA), Zak Hardacre, Kat Crimson, Mystk Night, Mz Patchouli, Reed James, Kella Z. Driel ,Jacintha Topaz, Bernard Foong, and Callie Press. These are incredible writers each is his or her own right. Also, each one of them knows way more about being a writer than I do, but I’m coming along—not bad at all for a Mexican-American who works 13-15 hours a week in a pretty high-octane day job while raising a son. Sleep? Nah, sleep is for other people. People who don’t have stories to tell to smart people who love cursing and hearing it straight, and gay, but never fibbed. Even my fiction is truthful. In fact, I considered releasing The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series as a memoir since just about everything in it has happened to me, but I wanted to protect some of the people involved, namely my wife who stabbed me, so I opted to call it fiction but it barely is. I joke that realism has no place in erotica because all the stories would be people alone with their toys pleasuring themselves, but that isn’t true. A lot of us have vibrant sex lives and that just fuels us to want more.

Thanks for taking a moment to join Moctezuma LXIX’s LPRTG and get to know a bit about me. I’ll be looking for your response with your favorite book!


Moctezuma Johnson (King SMUTPUNK)


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One comment on “Moctezuma Johnson – Erotic Smtupunk Writer – The Story of Moctezuma LXIX

  1. Goddammitttt you are hilarious and amazing. To be perfectly cheesy, I was LOLing.
    LOLing and wondering why it took me so long to find you and everyone you listed!
    Yes, I’m just now getting my shit together to force my twisted words on the web.
    But I’m doin it! Even tho I don’t know what th’fuck I’m doin with publishing.
    Where do I start? Amazon? Smashwords? Elsewheres?

    P.S. I have a crush on Moctezuma II. He’s a stone faced killah.

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