Video Trailer: SMUTPUNK on SKATES by Emme Hor


Video Trailer: SMUTPUNK on SKATES

Miley Cyrus Doggy Style | Celebrity Fake likes backshots


Miley Cyrus Doggy Style – A total fake pasted image on another chick’s backshot deep dick gettin’ body


Strictly Commercial

I dreamed I was deep inside a Hollywood Starlet

Smutpunk, baby!

Learn the correct position for doggy style sex from the wonderful Moctezuma Johnson’s Sex Tips from Beginners to Bangers

Get this on and get in the correct position, baby!

  what’s this?
Notice the balls to shaft hand technique she’s using while getting spitroasted.

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You may want some sex tips or you may want some smutpunk poetry or fiction.


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This pop star with ass that won’t quit gets humiliated right there in the club on the table with an entourage to watch and enjoy

Emme Hor's Gorgeous Asian Tits

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Roller-skates Blowjob – Funny Porn


Funny Porn: Roller-skates Blowjob by cute blonde

I thought that Emme Hor was the only one awesome enough to create images so subversive and sexy. She does create some hot scenes in her Smutpunk On Skates Series.

Pussy Payments | Poem by Moctezuma Johnson


PUSSY PAYMENTS poem by Moctezuma Johnson

She was there

in the hotel

legs spread

tits out

her shaved pussy

filling the roompussy-payment

stockings on

cunt out.


the delivery guy came

get the food for free, whore, i said

she fingered her pussy

while saying, do I have to pay


he pumped inside her and said

not with cash


Morning rant in the face of changes in the Doomsday Clock


Morning rant in the face of changes in the Doomsday Clock and the most dangerous long-term consequences of a first week by an America president in history

These nutbags like my father who is a complete asshole and sports a crappy personality similar to the new US president rather see the country go up in nuclear fallout than hand over power to young, smart, educated minorities and women. It’s really nuts when you think about it. The educated slice of the population is getting browner and browner yet the rulers are getting whiter and whiter. How the fuck is that possible? Riddle me that. Also, how the fuck can these people be “pro-life” there’s your ultimate doublespeak. It’s pro-control but not pro-life. As soon as the fetus is alive these conservatives want to offer no aid, no educations, no help, until that fetus is old enough to fight in their wars. They are pro-soldier to send into death. Pro nuclear weapons with 100 miles 3rd degree burn radiuses in addition to the utter destruction at and near ground zero thanks to x-rays, thermonuclear-heated air, and hundred mile per hour winds. And then there’s climate change. The amazing pyramids in what was MesoAmerica were home to an incredible civilization that saw the climate change in a way that eliminated the civilization. Again, we are on the brink of a cataclysmic shift and this time we have the technology to predict it and stave it off, but the conservatives don’t believe science because they believe alternative facts (in other words complete and utter bullshit designed for morons) and some little book written thousands of years ago in another language, and one that they couldn’t read. They read a translation of the translation of an old book and think they have wisdom. Every play telephone? When now your World Leaders are getting equally solid facts. For example:

Marsha went down to get some tea from shop.
Marshal Law killed your dog and shot pee in your toupee.

We need to fix NAFTA to help the indigenous and reel in the divide between rich and poor.
Mexicans rape and pillage don’t kid yourself so divide them and kill anyone brown and poor.



MJ desconstructs Trump’s language in the meeting with the Washington Post editorial staff during the election’s early days cause that’s what SMUTPUNK writers do. We expose BULLSHIT for what it’s worth. Click the image for the link.

They are fucking around with democracy and it’s disgusting. I hold anyone who voted for Trump responsible for the coming pain the world will endure from climate change, war, and economic bullying. This is a disgrace of a government. Conservative regimes all over the world are despicable. I sincerely hope that this is rock bottom and leads to a new age of reason and communication with faith in education and science and finally a divorce from religion. America was supposed to contain a division between church and state. Does anybody remember that? I hope a reasonable day is coming, but I fear we are entering a second dark age and this time with climate change breathing down our necks with the hot foul breath of extinct dinosaurs and weapons of mass destruction that can easily obliterate us all many times over.


Bullshit is Truth
Truth Bullshit


The Doomsday Scenario | a Book Trailer by MJ

Book Trailer – The Doomsday Scenario

This Doomsday Clock business really scares me. When I first moved to Seoul, I read Underworld by Don DeLillo and I was worried about seeing my insides during the first blast. For days I couldn’t sleep. I read that and visited the DMZ at the same time. Not a great idea. Now, thanks to Trumpstanislav Putin, we are again really close to the hour on this darned Doomsday Clock. Now I get that it’s a contrived, man-made creation but it stands for something. It shows a real lack of confidence in Trump’s ability to manage nuclear weapons and work toward the survival of the human race thanks to climage change. Scary stuff. I’m part Mexican, of course, and my people were once nearly completely killed off by climate change. Anyway, enough heavy stuff. Have a look at this fun video and read the Triangulum Stain Series. I have been using the Doomsday Clock in promos for these books since their inception.



Chica asiática fantástica Smutpunk


Chica asiática fantástica Smutpunk

Esta hermosa chica asiática con tetas grandes es tan smutpunk