Standing on the Verge…

You were about to cum!

Ugh, mmphhhhh, fuck, yes!

Your jizz was rising, your balls were warm and had stirred the ocean milk already. You were set to explode. You could bust it up her tight little asshole and make her know that you owned her, or you could pull out and stain her face with it, mark the brown whore with your white seed, or you could shoot it onto her anus from the outside and make a cum pool in her dark hole. The options swam around your brain and you pumped your significantly large cock inside her tight asshole until you couldn’t hold it in any longer and you exploded right up inside her fucking asshole. Her asshole was pulsing from pleasure and it closed around your cock on all sides. G-strung clenched, and this enhanced your orgasm dramatically so that you called out, “Mama! Sweet Mama, Jesus was a black baby!” as you felt god and the universe course through your veins heavenly. You could feel the walls of her rectum swimming with your cum. You were inside your own sloppy cum pool up her ass. Your dick rested in a delicious anal primordial soup and you collapsed down on G-strung and kissed the back of her neck as you drifted off to sleep.

The End


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