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First, this is technically an advert for my book, so please read a Free Sample of my fun Asian Futa Erotica Book

Now, if you’d like to simply enjoy the Full Trailer:

Having a little encoding problem thanks to the massive cock-size of the Full Trailer. Please use this link for now where the video should be up and minute now. It’s 3 a.m. and I’m going to try and sleep. I’ll embed the bad motherfucker tomorrow. Thanks for understanding that all work and no play makes MJ a dull boy, ese. Ooh, I think PornHub has saved by Mexican-Italian ass. Hope so! Look just below to be sure. Enjoy!



Short Trailer:

Read Free Sample of the Asian Futa Erotica Book


Note: Music in both videos used with permission from
Thanks for the awesome sounds, Ben!


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