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Grammar Tip: Lie v Lay

One of my new friends, Jamie McLachlan, has written a post with editing tips. Below you’ll find what I find to be a golden nugget for editing the dreaded lie v. lay that I still struggle with.

I don’t think any of us in the modern writing world are safe from needing the occasional (to constant)  help of the grammar gods. I wish the grammar gods would just wave their magic grammar-wands and make my work right. Thanks to the heavy demands on authors today, I rarely can afford a proper editor and merely read my own work backwards shortly after I’ve finished it (and often poorly and half-asleep, at that). I am no island. I welcome help. Jamie has kindly offered some, so if you want some tips on editing your own work,take advantage of her (ooh that sounds fun) and click this link to the lovely and charming Jamie McLachlin for an in-depth blog post on her site. Below you will find one “example”-nugget for you to chew on in the meantime.


One Golden Tip from Jamie

The ever-frustrating Lie v. Lay:


Click on the chart to get more information







A picture of a your typical grammar nazi

A picture of a your typical grammar nazi


4 comments on “Lie v Lay, A Golden Nugget | Grammar Post by Jamie McLachlin

  1. Yup. When I was doing my interview for the Golden Flogger award, I was having a meltdown about this very issue. Even after it’s explained over and over, I still struggle. It’s the fact that lay is the past tense of lie! Aaaaaah. Why? Why? Grammar gods be damned. But you know what? This handy-dandy chart is printed, cut, and now pasted above my desk. Thanks, Jamie (and of course MJ). Now I shall go lie down and lay my head on my pillow where it has lain many nights in a row. Or should that last one have been laid. Maybe that’s the answer. Get laid. Finished!

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