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 Excerpt from [amazon text=THE HOTEL PARTY&asin=B00D18GW2S] by Moctezuma Johnson


I’m surprised Jenny wanted to date me. I’m attractive, but she was fucking perfect. I have a nice scar on my back now, but that’s not enough. Tall and pretty with long sexy legs, a full ass and perky, full tits on her, she could have any guy she wanted. She was the kind of girl you wanted to play house with. The kind of girl you may sell a kidney for just to buy her a handbag you couldn’t afford.

Jynx hated her. She was everything Jynx wasn’t: tall, ultra-skinny, always trying to please me, open to anything. She adored me. She’d lick my asshole, dress in costumes, give up her ass, sweep the floor, let me face fuck her, and buy my cat food.

One night I was holding my cock in Jenny’s mouth while lying on the bed using the phone. I got a weird text. “I’m going to get laid tonight. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. Love, Jynx.”

The next morning Jenny left early for work. Jynx came over and kneeled under my desk while I was on the computer. “He took me to a motel and licked my pussy. Then I wanted to blow him. I wanted to. His penis wasn’t big like yours, so it was easy to get him excited.” She went down deep on my cock and looked me in the eyes. “I have had a lot of practice.” She went down my shaft and then lifted my balls and licked the prostate. My cock was so hard it bumped the computer monitor on my desk.

“Is this what you did to him?”


Hot Guy with Ripped Abs and Gun

“Yes,” she said. “I licked his balls until he was as hard as he could be. His penis wasn’t that big, but I still came twice when he fucked me from behind.”

I shoved her head down. “Suck, you fucking cheating cumpig!” I unloaded a massive load into her throat.

I fucked Jenny the first time in my secret apartment away from the school. Or maybe it was outdoors in the amphitheater of the university she had attended, but man I was too drunk to be sure. She was currently my student. She had her hands on my cock and then I undressed her. I couldn’t believe her body. It was perfection: long, sexy, and toned. And her pussy wasn’t as dry as Jynx’s cunt so I could fuck her longer. She held me tight and moaned hard and held me to her and shook. She said it was her first time cumming, so I guess that’s how she fell in love with me.

Jenny had some real estate experience and helped me with Korean to rent my bar and get the contracts with the alcohol distributors set up.

She bought an apartment near mine. She cleaned my house. She bought my cat food and toys. She gave up her ass for hours every night. A lot of my customers thought she was the best looking woman they had ever seen. She caused accidents when she crossed the street.

Jynx was still letting me come to her apartment and fuck her. I loved her big tits and the thing was, she was in my life. My email password was her name with some symbols. My cock got hard when I thought of her big fat Asian ass (she is a PAAG, Phat Ass Asian Girl). I came in torrents down her throat when she sucked me off on rooftops, stairways, back alleys, taxis, buses, airplanes. I masturbated thinking of shoving her head in the toilet while fucking her ass brutally. I had spit on her, pissed on her, written dirty words on her, poured saved jizz on her, cockslapped her, fucked all her holes, and called her names. The only thing I hadn’t done so far was go ass to mouth.

I was fucking Jenny four or five nights a week and fucking Jynx the others.

Jynx was coming over before work just to lower her panties and spread her ass-cheeks for me. Then she would slave at the office cubicle. Pathetic.

She was getting worn out, strung out, fatigued, kaput. She didn’t want to be second pussy. She wanted to be the Princess Pussy, the one and only, the adored pussy, tiara pussy, diamond-encrusted pussy, the royal pussy in my parade and who could really blame her? I mean, what hadn’t the bitch done for me?

Minus her chubby calves and thunder thighs she was a great girl. She had smooth, silky skin, and a great rack. Her nipples were those little pink ones that get hard just by going near them. Her under-boob was thick and delicious. I called her Pancake Titties because when she was lying down they looked like a short stack.

She came into my apartment dressed professionally. She must have gotten up before the crack of dawn to shower, put on make-up, and make the trek up to this ghetto part of the city. It was just past six o’clock a.m. She kneeled down and I sat on the edge of the bed. I “I met another guy in Seokmo,” she told me to prime me for our before-work quickie in which I would pound the back of her throat so hard her Montgomery bumps looked nearly as big as nipples. Seokmo was the pick-up part of Korea where white guys went to find Korean girls to fuck. Without me as her steady man, she would be one of those Korean girls—a piece of meat for white dick. “He promised to take me to a movie or dinner, but we just went to a motel.”

I pushed her neck. “You went straight to a motel with some guy?”

She sucked a few strokes and then said, “I had met him before, while I was with Esther. She said to meet him.”

“Why didn’t you have coffee?” I pushed her head down again.

“He had already booked a motel.” She licked the tip and then looked up at me.

“And you fucked him?” I banged my cockhead against her lips.

“Yes. He undressed me and caressed my tits. He got me excited. He licked my pussy and made me cum. Then he bent me over and fucked me from behind with a big dick—as big as yours. He was rough with me, slapping my ass, pulling my hair, squeezing my tits together. It reminded me of you and I came. He pulled out and I expected him to paint my ass cheeks with his jizz but instead he pushed the head into my ass. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Are all British guys like that?”

“Arrogant? Many of them, yes. So you pushed him off?”

“No, I pushed my ass back until all of him was in me. I wanted to control it. Once it was all in, it wasn’t so bad. He fucked my ass from the back, pushing my head into the bed. My ass was up and in the air.”

I got on the bed and pulled her onto me. “So sexy, baby. Fuck me!”

She would become a bonafide slut, this lonely Asian young woman. Jynx, the new slut of Seokmo, was now naked on top of me, my cock up her slutty cunt. As she fucked me, she talked about getting another guy’s cock in her ass. I had Jynx’s ass in my hands and she was riding me. Going faster.

She said, “I did the up and down routine you like where I just move my hips and he went crazy. ‘Yes, you anal slag,’ he said in his British accent.”

“Did he come in your ass, baby?”

“Not just my ass.”

“He fucked you more than once?”

“They did.”

“Stop, stop, stop,” I said rapidly. I was about to cum. “They?”

“While Chase was fucking my ass deep and hard, spreading my ass cheeks wide apart, hurting me, the door opened and the next thing I knew, I had a cock in my mouth fucking my face and one in my hand. ‘Suck it, you gook whore,’ the guy said as he forced it down my throat.

“And in your hand?”

“I naturally just started to jerk the other one who was holding a video camera. ‘You’re right, Chase, she is an absolute slag, but not as bad looking as you said. She isn’t that fat,’ the cameraman said moving to another angle to shoot Chase deflowering my ass.”

I was really horny now, ready to explode inside of her. “Keep telling me how they whored you out. Do the up and down to me.”

“Chase continued to fuck me. ‘I didn’t say she was fat. I said her legs were fat,’ he said and then moaned loud. I felt his cock expand up my ass. It fucking hurt. He reminded me of you that way. His balls were banging into the petals of my pussy. He jizzed up into my ass, pumping harder and deeper than ever—ripping my poor asshole apart. I felt like I was bleeding.

The guy in my mouth then pulled out and coated my face with ropes of hot cream. He was yelling as he came, like he had won the world cup or something. The cameraman filmed my face close up like I was a star. And he filmed my ass. They turned me over on my back and lifted my legs up. Cum pooled into my eye and stung. My ass was way up in the air now. ‘Push my cum out of your ass and be the gook anal queen you are meant to be,’ said Chase while he held my legs up. I squeezed and cum ran out my asshole and down onto my tits and face. The cameraman said, ‘What a dirty slag! Great find, Chase. Which hole do you fancy I have a go at, slag?’ He kneeled on the bed and pushed into my pussy and after a minute or two of slow deep fucking pulled out and added his seed to my stomach and my tits. At this point two younger guys came into the room and…”

She was riding on me hard now and I couldn’t take it. I was leaning forward a bit and her little pink nipple was rubbing against my cheek and my eye. Her whole body was still, except her ass, which was shimmying up and down like hydraulics powered it. It drove me to the edge. I tapped her ass and she jumped off me as my cock spurted all over her ass cheeks and the bedspread.

“Oh my God!” I collapsed face down on the pillow and nestled up against her. “What a story!” I fell back to sleep until she shook my shoulder. “Master?” I opened my eyes. She was kneeling next to the bed. “May I go to work?”

“Show me your tits!” She pulled her blouse neckline down and pulled up a big piece of meaty tit. “Get me the pen, pig.” She handed me a pen. I wrote pig on her tit and she pulled her shirt back up and hid the message.



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