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What the fuck is Painal?

Here she is giving her darkest inner sanctum to you, reluctantly. It shows on her face. This is the face of pain, the face of submission, the face of why am I doing this. This is the face of anal sex. She’s getting cock right up her asshole, right now.56414 125910741735 BestAnalGIF painfulanalface young-painful-anal-big
One thing all guys wonder is if she’ll give up her ass. We also wonder if a girl’s pussy lips are nice. We try to figure it out, but really it’s all guess work–you just never really know what’s going on down there.
When is this girlfriend you’ve been dating, you’ve been gassing up with octane, going to give up her tight little ass and let you ream her all night long. The longer you’re with her, the more of a prude she’s becoming. It’s like she used sex to lure you to her. Now that she has you, sex is not useful for her. This is the fucked up scenario that leads to painal, painful anal. A man can get too pent up wanting his girlfriend’s cunt and ass so much that he snaps and takes it hard, deep, up her darkest hole. This won’t stop Butterface from goin’ ta git ya but it will satisfy that urge to bust a nut in a slut.

Cover Reveal: Bored to Tears by my Asian Husband | by Moctezuma Johnson @MJKingOfErotica

Literary Porn Smutpunk

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The hashtag nazi is gone

Literary Porn Smutpunk

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

You can now mix, merge, and mash the twitter hashtags #EARTG and #LPRTG as much as you wish. My feeling is use #EARTG for romance and softcore erotica. Use #LPRTG for hardcore cerebral smut. When in doubt, mix.

A Moctezuma Johnosn Book Trailer || From the Producers of “Milked by the Yeti” and other fine titles || #LPRTG

Yeah, it’s super low-budget, some photos and an iPhone, but it’s still a lot of fun. I mean, can’t a husband suck his wife’s cock anymore? Where has the fun gone? People are now even taking “Milked by the Yeti” seriously. Seriously? Enjoy this silly book trailer and enjoy one of my books. They are deadly fucking serious literature (no porn!).

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Erotic Poems: A Cycle of Pleasure | #BDSM #Facefucking #Submission

A Literary Porn Poem

this is an excerpt from Poisonous Apples – The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends 2 (Erotic Poems)

because she yelled at me in public
i mean screamed at me
on the sidewalk of a busy street
i walked away but she kept screaming
i ran across the street
down a flight of outdoor stairs
leading into an underground shopping arcade

there was a pool hall
and a golf practice center
where you hit the ball
into a net two feet away

i stood outside and smoked
my heartrate calmed
she obediently kneeled
this was her apology

with my cock dangling in her face
people all around

i said, suck it, you stupid fucking pigAsianSlut-SoiCowboy
oh yeah, that’s how a bitch says sorry
get it down your throat, stop gagging

while balls deep people walked by
one guy stepped outside to chat
with his wife, he saw her bobbing
on my big fat cock, eyes tearing

the more she does these things for foreign cock
the more her compatriots look down on her



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One Slut Mimics the other and I get Sucked Off Twice | #Blowjob #FaceFucking #Fetish

A poem

a slut named esther

before i met my current slut
there was this girl, a PHD student
of linguistics, who I met in the bar
and her and her friend came back
to my place to play cards
stripping, then kissing, then
her friend kneeled and blew me
in front of this girl.
she worshiped my cock
with two hands
while this girl, this slut,
Later, this dick-sucking girl’s boyfriend
picked her up at 5 am like nothing had happened
leaving this girl, clearly revved up,
alone with me, “you can’t fuck my ass, but
i need you to call me a slut and slap me
while you face fuck me.”
“good enough,” I said while<
stuffing my balls into her mouth
i slapped her good while spearing my second throat of the night

my slut’s a filthy cum bucket pig | a poem | #LPRTG #blowjob #model

Cum Bucket

Cum Bucket Poem

by Moctezuma Johnson


this is my slut
she’s a filthy cum bucket pig
with a big fat ass
who takes my big cock
relishes the girthcumpig-whore
gags and chokes.
the slut fucks for boots,
blouses, and credit card help
the slut’s fat thighs jiggle
when you slap them
the slut’s eyes go wide
when cock chokes her
the slut purrs when she gets passed around


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What a Cute Little (Whore) Face (Taking Jizz) | #Facial | On her Knees (where she belongs) | #Cum #Fetish

I “aim” for the mouth with my facial cumshots but really I don’t want it to go in and disappear. I want it to hit the eye or at least enter the nostrils or rope the hair. The messier she becomes, the happier I am with my jizz-spraying work.

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Thong Thursday for Kat Crimson | #ThongThursday #CerebralSmut

Thong Thursday and Pulled Panties

Thong Thursday for Kat Crimson^.^ yum ^.^

 If you like thong thursdays that feature men pleasing women, then you’ve found the right place.

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