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Two Deepthroat Angels

there was liz
i was only fifteen
she gave the best
blowjob, deep
she looked me in the
hers pretty and green
with slow blinks
’til i spurted in her mouth

there was liz
i was in college
she gave the best
blowjob, deep
she held it
blinked with her throat
not moving anything but throat muscles
’til i spurted in her mouth















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Your wife’s ass stretched around a massive cock
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The Quiz of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends | #LPRTG #EARTG | Yep, I’m bored enough to make (and take) a quiz on my own book

Anybody else want to try their luck on this asinine quiz? If you’ve read the book, you will most likely ace it. If you don’t, please let me know and I’ll give you the cliff notes.
Goodreads Quiz
The Quiz of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends
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5 questions

Is this “Cuntface” from Moctezuma Johnson’s new book of poems? | #EARTG #LPRTG #POEMS

A poem

i always want
to eat cum
your cum
and show it to you
on my tongue
so you know
that i’m a good

may i have another

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#TittyTuesday #Milkshake #Model | A milkshake and titty treat for Titty Tuesday


It’s Titty Tuesday again.

Yeah, the days of typing in that hashtag and getting thousands of retweets are long gone, leaving nothing but nostalgia, but I’m still a fan of titties so let the games continue. This is not just a page of titties, it also has milkshakes.

2busty-chloe-milkshake-16 4MB2LDV LUCY&ROSIE 1060 bigtits-bar-234 chloe1 images (1) milk-1

Photo of Milkshake and tittie out, like what?

What’s sexier the chick, her tits, or the milkshake?

Show your wife – Cuckold Stories and Books | #BigTits #TittyTuesday #Cuckold

Sudsy tits car wash

Sudsy tits car wash

#TittyTuesday is a day to use your wife’s tits to lather up your dirty car windshield while you drive around the block and show her off like a big, sudsy-tit trophy!


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Give me Asian Wife erotica by Emme

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#TittyTblindfolded.asian.about.to.be.facefuckeduesday is for squeezing your big tits against your hatha yoga teacher during downward dog #yoga



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One of the stories in this short story collection about Asian wives looking for big white and black dick focuses on a young, trendy little Asian nymph who lets her yoga teacher become her guru in more than just downward dog. Did you know doggy-style was a yoga position? She didn’t.




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Hot Asian Cum Play | Visual Summary

Literary Porn Smutpunk

You Looking for some HOT ASIAN CUM PLAY EROTICA?

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a visual summary of episode two (please see video for visual info on all four episodes of Season One)

  • dubious consent thanks to the devil’s breath
  • dog_and_parking_meter

    You want to fuck with me? I’d think twice if I were you.

    This may be the world's scariest drug and Jynx knows how to use it!

    This may be the world’s scariest drug and Jynx knows how to use it!


    Jynx has this thing about tethering sluts to trees, parking meters, walls, etc.

    What's a humiliation without some dildos in play?

    What’s a humiliation without some dildos in play?


    On Display Again (part of Jynx’s master plan to exact a vengeful humiliation on the slut that stole her man)

  • Jynx’s victims find themselves tethered to a parking meter naked in public
    for all the public to see

    Tethered to a Parking Meter – Has Time Expired For Jenny or Jynx?

  • sex with a bunch of guys and/or a tentacle machine

    Jenny gets all her holes used and the video is sent to MJ who can’t remember a thing

  • oral sex in a public park fountain

    Jynx has everyone watching as MJ and Jenny submit to her every whim

  • love

    It’s all done because I love you, baby! You’ll see.

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