Don’t worry, it’s just art! | Where does Sexual Addiction begin and end? | an Eroticist’s constant tug of war | Into the Shadows (not Out of the Shadows)

Don’t worry, it’s just art?

Where does sexual addiction begin and end?

About a year ago my wife told me that I had to get help for sexual addiction

Was Salvador Dali ever considered a sex addict?

Was Salvador Dali ever considered a sex addict?

Three books on the subject of sexual addiction and one luscious month later, I was admitting that I most certainly was an addict. Unfortunately I was admitting this mostly to rooms full of drunk chicks who were hardly condemning me. They’d laugh. My pussy addiction was on the table. They thought it was charming. Like a weird quirk. What they seemed to hear was if you’re lonely, and you have a cunt, then I’m the chap for you tonight. I got a significant bump in one night stands. This made my goomad angry. To put you in my frame of mind in those days, consider this: I had no qualms about cheating on my wife, but somehow I felt guilty cheating on the broad I was banging on the side. I mean she was blowing me in my bar (I mean in front of people), taking it up the ass, cooking dinners for me, and buying me presents. She knew I had a wife, but still. Fucking other girls 20 years younger than me and announcing my sex addiction wasn’t all that thrilling for her. She temporarily broke up with me. The she came back. My wife was telling me that I needed to find a psychologist. She knew something was fishy. Perhaps she could smell it on my dick. My wife was a royal pain in the ass. I mean this literally. Although she didn’t come from wealth her cultural upbringing taught her to act like a princess. This is common in Korea, they call the syndrome gong-ju-pyeong (공주병), meaning she has the princess disease. I would call her a diva. But seriously, was any piece of ass so good it could act like a diva? Absolutely not. I had little room to criticize her though because I was acting like a dick with a slew of bar rats I could fuck when I pleased, a Chinese puttana on the side, and a few girls I was actively chasing. Plus I had just had a very public embarrassment thanks to my ex-girlfriend-on-the-side. I was definitely a habitual womanizer. That was clear. Addiction? I wasn’t convinced, but my wife was. That meant I was at least exploring what it meant to be an addict.

The Checklist (taken from AAMFT):

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Simultaneous or repeated sequential affairs
  • Pornography
  • Cybersex, phone sex
  • Multiple anonymous partners
  • Unsafe sexual activity
  • Partner objectification/demand for sex
  • Strip clubs and adult bookstores
  • Use of prostitution/escorts
  • Sexual aversion/anorexia
  • Frequenting massage parlors
  • Sexual paraphilias (a need for unusual sexual stimulation) and/or any sexually offensive behavior

Yep, check. I masturbated almost every night before bed “just to help me sleep.” I’ve already stated I’ve had sequential affairs, multiple affairs, affairs sprouting off the affairs — following my affairs was harder than charting a Gabriel Garcia Marquez character tree. Pornography, oh yeah. I watched it, curated it, archived it, hell I even made it. Cybersex, awesome! Phone sex didn’t scratch the itch but that only made me believe more that it would. Multiple anonymous partners? This one is hard for me to quantify. What makes a person anonymous? I never had my dick sucked through a glory hole but I have fucked women whose names I will never know. I’m going to answer maybe yes to that one. Unsafe sexual activity is a definite yes. Where do I begin on that one? No condoms most of the time. Jizzing in girls, fucking asses, having MFFs with bar girls, fucking in public, fucking in public in foreign countries where the locals, and often the police, are pretty hostile to foreigners — especially to white guys who are perceived as rice dick superior and pussy robbers (yes, I know I’m technically not white, but I look white so for this case then I’m white or white enough to get my ass kicked by a night stick). I called my girls cumpigs, whores, pieces of shit, and shoved their heads in toilets, under sinks, and put them in pig masks. Yeah, I suppose you could say I objectified women. I demanded sex. I never forced a girl. Never. That’s not me at all (women are too easy to ever consider that). But I certainly coerced a girl or two into sex or anal or face fucking or sharing when that wasn’t really what she was into. I mean, hell, to be honest, when a 30-year-old is seducing a 20-year-old the power structure is already all fucked up. That’s already coercion. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying it like it is. Strip clubs, never. Not my thing. Why not? Don’t know but probably too much facade and not enough fucking. Prostitutes, not in the Western sense of the word but definitely in the Asian sense of the word. Is it my fault that while shopping in Manila’s Mega Mall all the girls I picked up (what I had thought honestly) where professionals on some level? It’s not my fault. They were all “professionals” to varying degrees–even the hotel managers, the clothing sales girls, and the nurses. The nurses where whores! How could I possibly win? What’s next? I don’t have any sexual aversion/anorexia. I love massage parlors. I mean I live in Thailand for months at a time. And I certainly love sexual paraphilias (see a long list pf paraphilias here — I enjoy 1/4 to 1/2 of these). My list of fetishes is getting longer by the day but here’s a short list: latex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism, plus I love sexual paraphernalia like dildos, anal plugs, and mountains of fake jizz to spray all over my partners.

Okay, I admit it. I admit it even when sober.

I’m a sex addict.

This admission led to a massive resurgence in my literary artwork. It’s funny. You may think that I’d have to drop porn and erotica but it was the opposite. I was engaging in really dangerous behavior that was jeopardizing my marriage, my business, and pretty much everything in my life. By focusing my energies on erotica I was able to make my addiction conform to me and my wife’s needs instead of my addiction making me conform to it. It was kind of like writing hardcore porn was allowing me to take my inner thoughts that I’d go to great (and often destructive lengths) to act out on people, put them in a trash bag, and take them to the curb for the men in thick gloves to throw in the garbage truck.

The lingering question for me has been where does the addiction begin and end. This is no easy question to answer. It seems to me that the very nature of addiction is a certain incompleteness to any bbehaviorthat then leads to repetition to achieve an increasingly impossible to occur satisfaction. My addiction was rooted in both sex and sensualism. I was addicted to feeling loved and having a submissive sexual partner. My wife was a wonderful lover and my equal. That left a part of my desires unfulfilled. I filled the lack by finding co-eds who came to my bar and using them for sex. It was wonderful! I had gorgeous young things kneeling down and sucking dick, giving me deepthroat with heads hanging off the bed, trying anal sex for the first time, and having sex in public. I wanted to cultivate these relationships but I couldn’t. I had a wife and a child and cheating was a total mess. It was causing me to lose control of running my bar and business, the financial lifeline to my family. Also, I was emotionally destroying these young girls who were in a relationship with a completely uneven power structure and thus falling in love with me. I was hurting them. I hurt one so badly that she landed in the hospital to get her slashed wrist surgically repaired.

Thanks to my wife’s pleading I made a change. I ceased the actual behavior that was hurting my wife and me and moved on to creating a vibrant sex life in reality. I stopped cheating. Cheating was the root of the ongoing sexual addiction. That was what was breaking our trust and making me rush to fuck other girls which then left me unsatisfied which made me search out new conquests which furthered the alienation which meant I needed more, more, more. I had identified the root cause and snipped it off like a hanging dingleberry. Reconnecting with my wife was actually quite a bit of fun (and I give her a ton of credit for investing in me). However, cutting the root problem didn’t solve all the addictive, compulsive feelings I had been building for years. Those feeling and compulsions had to go somewhere. That’s where writing became essential.

Girls carry books in hand to leave space in book bags for their dildos

The Journal

It was okay to pour all these emotions into my writing. I started with a kind of “secret journal” which became the Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends and then went on to write a psycho-thriller that explores some of the fetishes, mind control, and emotional turmoil that I had been experiencing and causing.

By writing these experiences I was getting therapy. My life started to make more sense. The fighting and crying scenes with my wife melted away. I started to devote myself to her sexually and made more efforts to please her. I noticed that there was a lot of things that I thought I didn’t like about her that I could fix because actually the root cause was my sexual addiction. It was quite a revelation. Trust me, we still have all kinds of problems, but the game-changers have been corrected so now we can talk and work on our problems. Family is amazing. It has become very important to me. I may have missed that if I didn’t admit my problems.

The days of single debauchery have abated, but the thoughts make for titillating reading and writing. I find myself in a case of having my cake and eating it too. My writing is like an emotional archiving of abnormal psychology, fetishism, and sexual addiction. Some people consider this taboo, but I counter that this is healthy. This is purging. This is taking my trash to the corner and then noticing that some pawn stars like the things I consider trash and want to sell them.

So to all the prudes, frigid faces, and hardcore erotica condemners I say, “Don’t worry, it’s just art!”

sexual addiction
sexual addiction
Are you suffering from Sexual Addiction? Try this cure. 

Poem by Moctezuma Johnson | Ode to Censorship | For Iam Andre & Kat Crimson | featuring Magic & War on Censorship

to all the writers everywhere who have ever been censored


a beautiful lesbian milf is bathing
outdoors in a hot tub
on a non-snowy part
of a snow-capped mountain
the ends of her blonde locks
are darker and wet
dipping into the bubbling water
as she leans back comfortably


perhaps Moctezuma is in love
he’s bought a bundle of roses
written a card rhymed you with
true. And ever blue. Nevermind that


my roses bleed all over the floor
my bubble gum is magic
it turns water into cum
i drop it into the bath


now this lesbian whore is in
197.3 feet of cubic cum
slipping and sliding
as I pump into her tight
luscious glove


I pull out and my cock
in no ordinary cock
I’m holding a cum-canon
a cum-basting bazooka
a semen S.A.M.
and my gaydar has put this lesbian
in the cross hairs
as she’s rubbing
globules of magic cum
made in Japan
all over her succulent nipples


in Tarantino movies
they say there’s too much blood
in Moctezuma pages
they say there’s too much cum


in Writing Workshops
they say if there’s blood and cum
(this part was censored for years)
you have yourself a winner.



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There's nothing hotter than an attractive reader

There’s nothing hotter than an attractive reader

This was some super hot and sweaty anal sex that turned into MMF

Connie’s got the knack. I thought I’d have a quick read before a nap but instead this book got me all riled up.

Hot and Sweaty Action: head down and ass stretched

Hot and Sweaty Action: head down and ass stretched

Instead of a nap, I had to get up and lube up the keyboard to find some anal porn and rub one out. Sorry, I just have to mention my dick every 15 seconds or I die. Anyway, the reason Emma’s Backdoor Initiation got me as hot as a habanero latte is because Connie sets up back story like a master writer in this book and all her books (I’ve read four now — yes, I’m a fan). Connie Cliff’s this century’s Shakespearean sex slinger. In this book you have the main character rush into marriage due to pressure from her mom which led to an early divorce and an overeating addiction. With an extra 50 lbs on her she checks her large, newly single ass into a gym. Her trainer is a hot stud that doesn’t pay her any mind. As the pounds drop that’s all about to change. Now he’s hitting on her and others have noticed how hot she is. You may be surprised to find out who takes notice, which I’m not going to tell you, but rest assured you may not guess what our pound-shedding vixen is about to get initiated into: things that she never knew would get her motor running. I’m not going to play spoiler — you will just have to find out for yourself what she gets into but it starts with the back entrance and ends…well, I’m not saying. The scenes are just too good for me to foul them up in a few words trying to explain world oil prices by pointing at a stove.

This book gets Two Dicks Up (the Ass)

Learn more about Connie Cliff | Buy her Books on Amazon :: Smashwords

Also, Connie is all over twitter so tweet this post and you’ll meet the mind behind the broken in behind.

Tweet this, people: Connie Cliff’s this century’s Shakespearean sex slinger #EARTG @MJKingOfErotica @realconniecliff

Abusive Sex Book Review | Bait | by Kat Crimson | Reviewed by Moctezuma Johnson

Bait by Kat Crimson

(click the title to download the Free PDF) 

There’s something really sexy about sex that has taboo elements and apparently Amazon finds this book so taboo that they’ve slapped an Error 404 code on it. Kat Crimson has taken matters into her own hands by just giving it away. I got one of those copies, she had a feeling that I’d like it — and boy was she correct. This story is right up my back alley.

Two Dicks Up / Two Cocks Up

That’s the hardest rating out there, by the way

It’s the story of a guy with a penchant for stalking the shy, innocent type of girls in town. The main character is a wily girl who works in a shop that sells knives. To lure her man, she puts on a facade of timid and bashful, walks by him in her mind-fucking way of getting him to want to hunt her, and most certainly does stir his attention.

What follows is a series of rough, tension filled scenes with her flowing in and out of control over the situation. The result is a really hot sex scene and really hot book. Kat really focuses on the mental aspects of this relationship. If you like a strong cerebral component to a story, then she is one of your better writers.


Learn more about Kat Crimson:

Twitter :: Blog :: Amazon (Nah, I’m not going to include Amazon since they’ve banned Bait)



Let the Cards Fall Where they May | Blindfolded and Titties Out

A Useful Way to Organize and Disorganize your Story

This technique, an off-shoot of the William Borroughs cut-and-paste technique, has more benefits than you might realize.

Is this the way the cards will fall? A blow job rescues him from a panic attack? Jynx gets MJ and they live happily ever after? Or...?

Is this the way the cards will fall? A blow job rescues him from a panic attack? Jynx gets MJ and they live happily ever after? Or…?

When I was a young journalist in Latin America I was blessed and cursed with writing front page news for the city’s local English-language newspaper. I was blessed because it meant lots of people were reading my work. I remember seeing a pretty girl reading one of my articles while eating lime and chilis in a cafe in the local zocalo and I was thrilled but also scared. This meant I was under the microscope and I knew my organization was suspect at best and a total fucking shambles at worst. Yeah, I had the power to describe and I got the who what where when how (and sometimes why) but a little voice in the back of my head told me that there was more to be done.


The Note Card System

To better organize my thoughts I started using the note card system. I wrote the basic points of my article down, usually 20-25 points on cards. Then I carried them around with me all day. Idieally you’d like to do this before writing the article but that’s not me. I’d first write a very unedited, messy draft and then write the cards. While carrying them arround all day, I’d shuffle them and re-read them and find mini-groups and natural orders. In the beginning the cards were very malleable. They could be re-arranged, added to, subtracted from, etc. After carrying them and digesting them better, the order and groupings became firmer. There were sub-groups now that didn’t want to be broken up. Before I knew it, the natural order of the article had taken shape. All I had to do from here was make the first draft conform to the cards.

Let the chips fall where they may technique

Cards from writing the 4th episode of Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

When I started writing erotic fiction I used outlines. I found I went from being a wild poet to being too formulaic. The cards came back, but this time it was not to organize but to add realism and drama. Sometimes I cannot decide what a character is going to do or how s/he will respond to a certain situation. I have many possible scenarios in my head. Now I write them down and try to write diametrically opposite situations on the back. So in my love triangle with Jynx and Jenny I simply wrote “Jynx gets MJ” on one side and “Jenny gets MJ” on the other side. Then I shuffle the cards and toss them into the air to let them fall as they may. I pick them up in order and write the result in the way they’ve fallen. This leads to some unexpected results, new connections I may have never seen, and some awesome drama.

My books and characters have definitely been rewarded by this ticker tape technique. I suggest trying it if you haven’t already used it.

Sexy Wife with Strap-on Literary Porn from Erika Foxx reviewed by Moctezuma Johnson

Two Dicks Up!

First off, I love that this story has a married couple getting down and dirty with each other. There should be a sub-genre called married people erotica. I’m only half-kidding. The other thing that immediately gripped me is the title. I mean, a pegging story called Behind Him All The Way. Genius. They say, “there’s always a great woman behind every great man” and now you know exactly what they mean.

Erika Foxx has written a really good tale about a married couple making sure they keep their sex life sizzling by designating one night a month to fun night — definitely stealing this idea to use with the wife, by the way. It’s our main character’s turn to create fun night and she’s stumped until her naughty best friend points out that stumped is exactly what she needs to be. If Tina was going to be all in “behind” her man, she needed to be all in fun night — and all in her husband (his ass, that is).

She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

Needless to say, Tina — who had never worn a cock before — was a little nervous. She didn’t want to freak her husband Rik out, imply that he was gay, or in any way offend him. The uncertainty, the love between the characters, and the pegging make this a wonderful read. It’s dirty, sexy, and just a lot of fun. If you don’t want to get any spoilers stop reading this review now and click the book link above. Disclaimer: Pegging isn’t my thing (nor is it not my thing) and I thoroughly enjoyed this read anyway.


Possible SPOILER (so what? — you’ll enjoy the book whether you know the plot or not — I’ll bet one squirt of cunt juice/load of jizz on it):

I have read some Amazon reviews of Behind Him All The Way and there was a little criticism about the pegging part not being so realistic. I’m really not sure what to think about that. One, it’s fiction and it’s for fun. Two, I really wonder what kind of man has never messed around with his back door (anal-cherry-unpopped-men included). I mean, I like to really get up in there sometimes — with a finger or two, a shower spigot, or a test tube that happens to be lying around. So I don’t think Rik would necessarily be totally averse to taking his wife’s newly grown beaded cock up his ass even though he hadn’t ever had his anal cherry popped. I mean they have a monthly “fun night” so I’m sure if we’ve gotten to femdom he’s not a total prude. I understand anal can be problematic, but I think a certain reviewer may be projecting his own tight rosebud onto Rik. Loosen up, dude. Be like Rik! Rik thought it was hot.

I thought it was slick as a bottle of lube of Erika to show Rik so into his wife’s pleasure. Tina was getting stimulated from the part of the harness inserted into her and Rik was so connected to his wife that he knew something was going on and wanted to have a look. So, like any good husband, he knelt down and made sure that she got a full dose of gratification by sucking off her strap-on cock that was vibrating in her cunt. That’s one of the hottest scenes from the book. Surely, the women out there must all go weak in the knees hearing of husband so loving.

All in all, Erika Foxx is a top notch porn stylist with her greatest strengths, in my opinion, coming from her characterizations. I have been thinking a lot lately that the key to good erotica is all in the back-story. This is an essential element that all the books I really enjoy seem to have in common. These characters have a rooted back-story that put the whole book into perspective for me and made me cum along side of them.


**Meet Erika Foxx**

Twitter :: Amazon

The two most popular Moctezuma Johnson posts ever (courtesy of my old blog)

Perfect Ass Photo

Your first is always special

You remember the way she felt in your hands. You remember worrying what others thought of you spending so much time with her. She was both unknown and inexperienced and there was a big learning curve about how to handle her. You also were embarrassed that you knew so little and had to hide it.

An offer she can't refuse

Once she’s in the stocks she’s much more likely to take your facial

Not anymore. Now look at this blog! After being shut down for being a dirty cunt of a porn slinger I now have this site that actually looks a bit professional. Well that’s all thanks to my first: I didn’t even spell my name correctly in the first one. That was a happy mistake because it firmly established me as an alternative voice. A voice that brought, the now classic hits, “How to convince your girlfriend to give up her ass,” “How to really convince  your girlfriend to take a facial,” and “The Platonic Blowjob.”


The Old Days

When I was writing those posts I was just having a little fun. Yes, some of it was totally offensive. So what? It was all for fun. Now I write as a business so it’s a little different. Since starting that blog I released a book of erotica poems (“Love Poems” as Amazon has the book labeled), a mock sci-fi, and I’m about 3 weeks away from releasing my first bundle for Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired. In some ways I’ve come a long ways and in other ways I’ve gone background. What is more pure than simply keeping a blog and writing for fun? Nothing. It was the pinnacle of joy. But censorship shut it down more than once and that took the air out of the sails. I lost so many photo/poems that I’d taken hours to create that I’d never go down the route of publishing all that free delicious nastiness anymore. I think it’s the desire to archive this universe that propels me to beat the keyboard every day so if google, FB, et all is going to willy-nilly just pull the plug on it and send it into the ether then I’d better host my own site. And here we are. So look around and enjoy. If you like what you see, please buy a book or two to send some cash my way or share a post or two on the social media juggernaut.


Women, if you’re feeling left out by this post, please check out “How to Maximize your Sluttiness, err, Sexiness, for your man”


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Billionaire Boss Erotica – Who doesn’t jizz their pants for that? | My Review of Office Policy by Connie Cliff

Office Policy – Review by Moctezuma Johnson

This Billionaire’s playground is the kind of office where I can work. I’m not one for offices, I’m more for orifices, but an office where guys are well-endowed and women are augmented in the right spots, where you can forget about working in cubicles and concentrate on working on bisexuals is my kind of comfortable work environment.

MJ has fucked so many office workers up the ass

Find out what Lucy’s office responsibilities will be

I always think of corporate culture as a drag: worrying about how much you drink at the Christmas party not seeing how little lube you can use when giving it to the hot new assistant.

Connie Cliff’s writing, as always, is great. It’s clear and crisp. Right from the start I was in love with Lucy — this rich girl who was insatiable in the bedroom, getting bored of her boyfriends, and open about her goody drawer. As the story moved forward I was there with her every lick of the way. This story was really hot, featuring a great MMFF anal scene that got me so hot I had to jerk it before getting up (I read it first thing in the morning).

This is the latest of Connie’s work to get my two dicks up!! I never want to work, but if I have to it’s going to be at this office.