One Slut Mimics the other and I get Sucked Off Twice | #Blowjob #FaceFucking #Fetish

A poem

a slut named esther

before i met my current slut
there was this girl, a PHD student
of linguistics, who I met in the bar
and her and her friend came back
to my place to play cards
stripping, then kissing, then
her friend kneeled and blew me
in front of this girl.
she worshiped my cock
with two hands
while this girl, this slut,
Later, this dick-sucking girl’s boyfriend
picked her up at 5 am like nothing had happened
leaving this girl, clearly revved up,
alone with me, “you can’t fuck my ass, but
i need you to call me a slut and slap me
while you face fuck me.”
“good enough,” I said while<
stuffing my balls into her mouth
i slapped her good while spearing my second throat of the night

my slut’s a filthy cum bucket pig | a poem | #LPRTG #blowjob #model

Cum Bucket

Cum Bucket Poem

by Moctezuma Johnson


this is my slut
she’s a filthy cum bucket pig
with a big fat ass
who takes my big cock
relishes the girthcumpig-whore
gags and chokes.
the slut fucks for boots,
blouses, and credit card help
the slut’s fat thighs jiggle
when you slap them
the slut’s eyes go wide
when cock chokes her
the slut purrs when she gets passed around


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What a Cute Little (Whore) Face (Taking Jizz) | #Facial | On her Knees (where she belongs) | #Cum #Fetish

I “aim” for the mouth with my facial cumshots but really I don’t want it to go in and disappear. I want it to hit the eye or at least enter the nostrils or rope the hair. The messier she becomes, the happier I am with my jizz-spraying work.

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Thong Thursday for Kat Crimson | #ThongThursday #CerebralSmut

Thong Thursday and Pulled Panties

Thong Thursday for Kat Crimson^.^ yum ^.^

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Thong Thursday, Baby | featuring hot Asian Sluts in Thongs

#ThongThursday just doesn’t get enough play

If you’re thinking what can spice up your sex life with your husband (or anyone else) then don’t forget to employ the flimsy “covering” of the thong.

There’s just something so fun about taking a hard cock, shoving a thong to the side, and entering a slut. That’s the beauty of the thong. You’re always so close to penetration — just this little wispy piece of cloth separating cock from cunt. The defense from prude to slut is so tenuous with a thong, it seems probably, but it’s not guaranteed. That’s what’s so sexy about a thong. So get them on, ladies and gentleman, and let the fun begin!

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Break-up to Make-up | An Erotic Poem | Free Literary Porn | #LPRTG #BJ #Submission

A poem

“blowjob?” i motion up to the nearby stairwell.
“no.” jynx looks down.
i touch her neck tenderly: “can’t i convince you?”
“i can’t convince you to come back to me.”
she swings her big sodomite ass
side to side like a sinewy pendulum
that keeps time of sex and orgasm
says time’s up for you and the other slut
come to me now

hours later, i get a message:
i shouldn’t have left your cock
like that.

minutes after the message,
i shove her head down
step forward over her
and breach her throat

hours later, i get a message:
my jaw hurts, Master.

minutes after that:
my thumb hurts from responding to your bullshit messages
i’m sorry, Master, she writes
i’ll come over and suck it for you
my thumb or my cock?
both, of course
you can come over and suck my thumb
while Jenny keeps sucking my cock

minutes later, i pulled my thumb from jenny
and stuffed it into jynx’s mouth
savor what supremacy tastes like



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