The Enigmatic Billionaire Werewolf by Charity Bishop | Book Review

Book Review

So I’m reading Steampunk Romance now, huh? Lol. I never saw that coming.

Billionaire Erotica is definitely not my usual thing. Nor is Romance. However, [amazon text=The Enigmatic Billionaire Werewolf&asin=B010YDQDU8] is a lot of fun, so maybe I’m changing.

Who doesn't love Steampunk

Steampunk Romance

The Review: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

The steamy parts aren’t necessarily the hottest ever but they are well-written and the pace of the story is steady with a quite interesting plot. You have Steampunk, Werewolves, and Downton Abbey converging in this dark tale of a poor servant falling for a billionaire. I know, falling for a billionaire, who cares? Certainly not me, but this isn’t an ordinary billionaire: this guy transforms into a werewolf! The problem is, Emma, the poor servant who has come to the Abbey, is up to be sacrificed to the werewolves in a time honored tradition. Will the billionaire werewolf be able to help her or will this tough girl from the rough countryside have enough gumption, steampunk know-how, and brains to save herself. I’m not going to provide any spoilers. This is where the fun of the novel is. Emme is a well-developed, kick-butt main character. She’s strong, smart, and spunky. The only issue for me, was the fucking scenes weren’t rough enough (yes you know me!) and there were no werewolf parts going into human spots. I understand it’s romance, books get pulled for lesser crimes, so I guess “these are the breaks.”

If you’re looking for a paranormal romance with a steady and interesting plot, then you will love this book.

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Literary Porn Erotica

I have made questionnaires meant for each of the sexes. I’d like to hear your thoughts about a few private matters. The questionnaires were written for straight readers but feel free to change the pronouns as you wish. Everyone welcome!


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MJ Reviews “The Chamber-Pot Prince” by Callie Press | #BookReview #LPRTG #Erotica

Callie Press pulls down her panties

The Chamber-Pot Prince

by Callie Press

Bring your “dirty” mind

A very naughty fairy tale for grown-ups


Callie made my acquaintance with something like this on twitter: I see you’re bogged down with the annoyance of bothering with plot in your writing. So naturally I was in love and had to read some of her work. Boy, am I glad, girl.

Callie has written a “dirty” story set in an ancient fairy tale land that is literally dirty thanks to some anachronistic burritos, an evil step mom, and a lewd chamber pot (click the link to learn about the wonderful world of arinolas, jordans, jerrys, or piss pots as they have been called).

Libby is the name of the princess with evil step mother. Callie says, “She’s basically me, but tall and blonde. I’m short and a redhead.” Yes, the author’s a redhead everywhere, perverts. I had to ask too. Everywhere. If you’re familiar with Walmart, you may have noticed Libby is named after some canned vegetables. I’ve miss out on Walmart, sadly, so I didn’t make that connection. No matter because Libby’s got big, beautiful tits, a perfect apple ass, and loves sucking dick. Yep, she’s the heroine of this erotic tale.

In the novelette, Libby’s been reprimanded by her step mom and has to clean the chamber pot which is overflowing with the nasties that a chamber pot gets filled with over the course of the days. When Libby starts to clean the pot, the story takes on its first of many twists. The chamber pot can talk and tells Libby that he’s really a rich, handsome man under an evil enchantment at the hands of an evil witch. A passionate kiss will release him, he says. Libby decides, disgusting or not, she should take the plunge and get the prince out of the chamber pot. What ensues is a lot of fun and more surprising than your average girl meets boy, girl fucks boy, girl is happy erotica.

I won’t provide any spoilers but I will tease you with this: the more she tries to suck the Prince out of the Chamber Pot the more she finds an ever-growing, meaty part of him. Libby also finds a way to unveil her firm yet huge maidenly tits.

If you like literary porn with a real dirty twist, this story by Callie Press should be on your kindle.

[amazon text=The Chamber-Pot Prince by Callie Press&asin=B013M5FX56]


More about Callie:

Find her @calliepress on Twitter




Next on my list by Callie Press is Dominating Donna