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The Best thing about Twitter is Meeting Awesome Writers

Thanks to twitter, I’ve become friends with quite a few authors over the last year: one of whom is Kat Crimson. I was immediately drawn to her erotica because it plays heavily on the mental aspects of a relationship and the cerebral side of sex. After reading her book, Bait, I was hooked — seemingly all according to her plan. Kat has a new book out called Jizziebelle and I asked her to say a few words herself as a way to get people who like my work to check out hers. So, I will shut my mouth and let you hear it straight from the Queen of Cerebral Smut Kat Crimson:


Thanks MJ – I appreciate you letting me spread my awesomesauce all over your blog, for my personal gain. That’s very swimming of you, mate. If you’re reading this, you’re on the King’s blog — that’s Moctezuma Johnson, aka the (self-proclaimed) King of Literary Porn — and presumably a fan of his, so I know I can let my hair down (all 2 inches of it, that is) and be my unadulterated, unfiltered and unvarnished self. Because, if there’s one thing I know about MJ, and about his fans, it’s that they are not shy about sex!

Kat Crimson Jizziebelle

Kat Crimson, author of Jizziebelle

For those of you who haven’t heard of me — and I assume that’s pretty much everyone — my name is Kat Crimson, and I am a writer of cerebral erotic romance — geez, I hope that didn’t just come off sounding like an AA confession. I am not ashamed, in the least, to be a writer of smut!

In fact, it’s kind of my mission to prove that intelligent smut exists. My personal goal is to provide readers with graphic smut that makes their naughty bits tingle, while also engaging their brains and tugging on their heart strings. My hope is to encourage people to explore more, to embrace their sexuality, and to not be so afraid to express their sexual desires to each other, so that they might find more honest, open, fulfilling and rewarding relationships together. I want to take things that are currently seen as ‘taboo’, and paint them in a new light for people, making them more accessible and acceptable to ‘normal’ vanilla society.

I make it another part of my mission to support other talented smut writers, who are looking to elevate the caliber of the genre, to a status that exists above the gutter, while still remaining deliciously filthy (like MJ, who has been very kind in returning the favor, on several occasions). But, enough about me, and my nefarious plans to dominate the smut industry with my wits and my…. (insert rhyming word here *coughs* – LOL… I said ‘insert’ tee hee hee!)

Muahahahahahaaaaa! (Yes… I am crazy :P)

My debut erotic novel, Jizziebelle: The Belle of the Burlesque (Book 1 of the, brand new, Hardwood’s Harlots Series), just hit Amazon on May 8th, and will soon be available in print, as well. Originally written as a short story, for an erotic contest, Jizziebelle was later expanded to full length, after I won the contest and signed on with Black Widow Publications. Let me tell you what Jizzie’s all about!

Jocelyn Belle is a shy and reclusive — yet very kinky — introvert whose only outlets for exploring her wild taboos are through her successful writing career, and the online kink community, where her anonymity gives her the confidence to be her kinky self.

She suffers from severe social anxiety and depression, but finally gets fed up with her situation and makes a life altering decision. She courageously hops way outside of her comfort zone, and the sheltering confines of her self-imposed prison – her home – to take a part time job, dancing on stage, at Hardwood’s Burlesque. There she meets Ryan Mastersen. Ryan is the financial backer for the burlesque, a fan of her writing, and – bar none – the most magically delicious man she’s ever set eyes upon. Their chemistry is instantaneous and undeniable. And this is Jizzie’s chance to finally explore the kinky things that have been plaguing her dreams, and causing her many sweaty, sleepless, and sexually frustrated nights. She finally gets her chance to indulge in such naughty things as anal sex, rimming, and sensual pegging.

Cat Jones (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer) calls Jizziebelle, “smoking f-ing hot, sex on a stick, it’s electric. Reading their first encounter required one hand free, and it just gets hotter from there. The writing is fantastic, really talented, and the sex scenes are drool worthy. This is the kind of erotica I live for; witty, sensual, uninhibited, positive, and hotter than Georgia asphalt.”

At the risk of spoiling all of the fun, I’ll stop here. I hope I’ve left you with enough intrigue for you to want to pick up a copy of your own, and to leave a review for me on Amazon, or Goodreads. It’ll cost you less than that greasy fast food you were thinking about choking down for lunch, it’ll last a lot longer, and it’ll make your insides feel a fuck of a lot better — especially your middle bits!

~ Kat ^,,^


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