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Everybody ogles boobs. Can you correctly guess the size of her tits? 



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Big Ass Eating | #Asian #Ass #Humiliation

eat asian ass and she'll blow you until your teeth fall out

What’s the best way to humiliate your girl? Big Ass Eating.

Cheating is always good – you know, eat out another girl’s ass right in front of your girl. Then kiss her. When she can’t resist and her tongue tastes the metallic taste of ass from your tongue, she’ll know she’s totally your whore and feel the humiliation overtake her like she’s bathing in warm milk.

Having her film while you fuck her throat in public is always a winner — it’s hard for her not to feel humiliated when she sees herself getting used. No amount of luxury makeup or accessories can de-whore her enough

Post her riding your dick as the ringtone to your phone, like mine below, and then show it to your friends whenever she calls you. Make sure to have her give you a ring on the blower while you’re sitting together so she knows what you and your friends see.


Big Asterisk Eating

yes it’s probably the writer in me
that wants to eat asterisk
until i cough out all my question marks
followed by exclamation marks

no it’s not the sex fiend
that hardens a tilde
to jam of that sweet exception
the sexy footnote of body

maybe it’s just human to need to know the mystery
between open and closed hole that is ass


Blonde With Big Tits Becomes Poet by Eliciting Jizz Poem on her Huge Rack – Literary Porn

Big Tits in Tank Top
big tits bulge from tank top

big tits with hard nipples in see-through shirt of smiling blonde slut

there she is surprised
that i’ve entered
the bathroom

with camera

there she is, big tits
with hard nipples
in see-through shirt

there she is
dropped to her knees

smile gone, brow wrinkled
nipples hard
licking balls
deepthroating cock

she turns around
offers her back as a canvas
I Jackson Pollock
her with poetry

How to Suck Dick: Learn to Give Brain-anesthetizing Head


The Nitty Gritty: How to Suck Dick Well

Women all profess their amazing skills at sucking dick. Ask one why they think they are good and you hear answers like “I’ve never heard any complaints” or something to that effect. That is hardly roaring support, ladies. Kid yourself no more!

Find out YOUR dicksucking proficiency score here:

Men know the truth: less than 2% of women can really suck a dick like a pro. Chances are the girl with whom you’re speaking is a shit cocksucker and doesn’t even know it.

Here are some tips for women to learn to suck dick well, from a guys perspective. Print them out and post them on the refrigerator.

  1. Kneel, whore – position is key for ease and depth of cock-sucking, and for the visual pleasure of the dude. Also, you need to know that you’re here to swallow dick. So, understand this one unalienable fact: you’re a fucking whore. It’s not debatable. You’re here to suck dick. And dick you will suck. If you aren’t in the mood, then don’t bother.
  2. Wipe your ass with what Cosmo said – your sole aim to please and serve cock, so cut out all this kissing the tip, flicking your tongue over it, and nibbling and caressing. Get down to swallowing his big, hard, veiny meat.
  3. Lick the under the balls – lift those balls up with your hands and find the space between his asshole and where his dangling balls are attached to his body, bullseye. Now push into it with your tongue. If you don’t mind ass, lick that too (that will earn you BONUS points) and soon he will be bragging about how good in bed you are to his buddies and all of them will be hitting on you. Note: if they are not hitting on you, he’s not bragging.
  4. Swallow his dick – imagine you are French kissing him, but not on the mouth, on the dick. Enjoy it and let him ride your tongue straight down your throat.
  5. Nose to pubes & balls to lips – don’t just kneel there, swallow that dick. Get your nose to his pubes and your chin to his balls!
  6. Relax your throat – This is your mantra: swallow that dick. Repeat it to yourself. When the tip reaches the back of your throat, swallow. Don’t tense up or you’ll start gagging. Relax. Swallow. It will go down smoothly. Then let it up and breathe. Repeat.
    • Alternate PositionLay on the bed (or couch) and let your head hang off – this position allows him to face fuck you. You just concentrate on swallowing his dick while he goes to work.


Depth is everything – If you swallow his whole cock, he will be obsessed with your mouth (and even the rest of you).

Those are the basics, which most women don’t possess. Just by reading this you’re ahead of the curve. Pat yourself on the back. Now, kneel in front of him and get to work. No more bullshit messing around with the head, scratching it with your teeth, sucking it like you’re vacuuming, and other nonsense that really doesn’t feel very good. Swallow that dick!

Girl Rocks Sucking Dick

Submit to your man and think about swallowing as deep as you can


Feel free to post comments and ideas below. Thanks.


Hear thoughts from 10 People on the First Time They Swallowed Jizz


This has been the “How To Suck Dick” excerpt from The Sex Manual. If you’ve been following me for years, you know this series of blog posts was so popular that a lot of people implored me to make it into a book. Being the weak-minded sheep follower that I am, I acquiesced. Please buy your copy and show some support.



Have you ever guessed her boobs?

How many times have you been walking down the street and seen a hot girl and wondered what kind of sweater meat she was packing under there?

Wonder no more. Guess Her Boobs lets you see what kind of tits a girl has.

Big, round tits

Guess No More


big round tits

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A Secret Sensual Temple

Kama - Rati

Poem written for Divine Metamorphoses, a genius and a goddess



She’s this gorgeous woman

in a slip

riding a bike

not a TREK or some shit

a real bike

with style

a front wheel the size of Earth

the back wheel its satellite Moon


She’s trailing a dolphin and a clipper ship

attached by an umbilical cord

attached to her clit ring


she’s all dark and goth and trannys line up

in the background jerking off like a great



while the free hand of each tranny touches the free breast

of the tranny besides him/her


and they jizz stardust that sizzles as it splatters

like bacon frying and popping like Syd Barrett singing

like Milos Raonic serving

his one greased strand of hair cascading onto his forehead


this divine creature peddles through the sky.

her legs go on forever

not a few feet or meters

forever like the difference

between the size of a pebble on a lake’s shore

and the size of the sun


she peddles with urgency

her brain is there enticing the trans-bukkake

to shoot ropes of interstellar jism

that spin with gravity and gravity

and like that

this cycling sky-nymph

paints galaxies

onto the never before known black canvas

the empty pin cushions

that come into unbeing and thus are


her slip is billowing

her black hair is a tornado behind her

smudging frigid errors

into blurry wet goodness


men, women, transgender

all point at this cycling goddess

all kneeling to her


the torso of a man

floats in front of her

waiting with a ballroom


in front of a great disco ball sun

that shines fuckadelic


she hops off her cosmic bike

and the trannies’ sizzling celestial semen colors in his legs

DNA strands twirl in double helix dances

until she has made


hands her the gown

she strips off her slip

pale against the sky

all worship

her giant tits

her vast navel

her unbounded pussy

her juicy sidereal ass


he bites the umbilical cord

and frees her

from the dolphin and clipper ship

she puts on the gown

interlocks his fingers

and they dance

a perennial jig

stars swirling

her black hair a tornado

his blonde hair a whirlpool

his fit abs twitch

when she runs a finger at his neck

her nipples bloom

and flowers sprout underneath

their naked feet

then dissolve


he holds her neck

and they kiss

stardust swirls in their mouths


this is not drunk motel sex

this god and goddess

this is Eros and Aphrodite

this is Xochiquetzal and Bes

this is Enzo and Rati


her blowjob is eternal deep throat


this is not a bad-smelling purple jelly

this a red giant

parting her labia

his cock is lightyears

their simultaneous orgasm

is a Karmen vortex street

that shakes and swirls

they continue their ballroom dance

and suck each other’s essence

out of their lips and

and their lips’ throats

until she gives way again

and bends her cosmic asshole

this sodomy gives the Khajuraho

her delicate forms

gives Chennakesava its sensuality


his boundless cock

impales her as roughly as tenderly

she gives into him

and he melts into her


her immeasurable hole

takes every lightyear of him

they rip a chasm into the

pin cushion


light of a new universe

shines out

the holes in this current universe’s background

and something that wasn’t suddenly is

and in that new something they collapse

and have a post-coital nap

in each other’s arms

a new temple is being built

to house this new image

this divine metamorphoses




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Twitter Hashtag: About the #LPRTG @LiteraryPornRTG


What’s in a Twitter Hashtag? Which one is the best?

Phuket — 2014 I was originally blown away by the smarts of Tony Queef and his Erotic Hashtag until I realized he was a hashtag nazi and didn’t want your tag mixing with his tag. He couldn’t stand mine and yours tagging together or else his panties would get stained with too much hot sticky hash-(tag) and then you know what? He’d be impregnated. And that he just couldn’t have, which I respect.

His idea is good, even great, but he’s not a visionary. He’s more of a hater, an egomaniac, and a credit-, attention-, and genre-whore. All those things are good in their place, but when I am trying to sell erotica I’d prefer to do so without the nazi DM-YELLING, in a high-pitched 144 character frenzy, to take down artwork of spread ass or posts about psychedelic mind control allusions before he…whatever, dude. He made me nervous with his rants so I long ago tuned him out. I recently found I’d been booted from his blog, blocked from his hashtag, but I didn’t really give a fuck because I had better plans already anyway.twitter hashtag

I had replaced the “other” hashtag with ours: #LPRTG. Using a tag for all erotica work (whether tame or brashly uncensored, whether fine art, literature, or pulp fiction) is a solid idea because it makes google and amazon and the other creators of bots and algorithms aware of our hard work as independent erotic writers and artists, and it helps us form a web of interrelation. This helps us get noticed in various mediums. Nothing wrong with being noticed when you’re trying to get readers.

In my opinion, nothing replaces the success of simply sitting down to write but some retweeting, sharing on FB, and the employment of bots like crowdfire and roundteam, can help us all reach more potential readers and easily spread the word about each other and ourselves. So please use a few characters of your 144 character to add #LPRTG (or @LiteraryPornRTG) and let us (and our followers — which will be growing) share for you. It has already gotten some traction and this is just the beginning. We would like to get 5 times larger to really help out. That starts with people adding the #LPRTG tag to their erotica books, their dirty poems, their sexual artwork, and more.twitter hashtag

Also, feel free to combine the hashtag with any other hashtags you so desire. I couldn’t care less how you choose to use it and will support your posts unconditionally. I’ll suggest combinations that seem to do the best periodically.


I have to stop putting the word “dildo” into my Literary Porn titles

Black Comedy by Moctezuma Johnson

 The Erotic Lineup will have to wait for Literary Porn Writer Moctezuma Johnson

Triangulum Stain was briefly included in Christina Harding’s Erotic Lineup on Random House’s Romance and Random but the gods of censorship weren’t having it. I’ve become accustomed to that dis-inclusion at the hands of my raging, uncut naughtiness. I would have enjoyed the exposure, but I am meant to be a well kept secret, a counter-culture karmic cunt, and that’s the way I plan to stay. Still, I want to thank Christina Harding for her awesomeness. She’s constantly promoting erotic writers from those who dabble in red-cheeked romance to XXX hardcore literary porn and I thank her for all the love she’s given to me and other writers. If she’s not already your friend, she should be, so read Underneath the Gargoyles and Underneath the Gargoyles Part II ASAP.

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make a litter of horny gargoyles purr


The Gargoyles are Back

The Gargoyles are Back


Free Literary Porn Book Trailer for Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Can you stomach a girl who is as likely to knife you in the balls as she is freeze your jizz for later consumption? If you can’t, you had better get away from the infamous Jynx.

The Book Trailer for Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson

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Moctezuma Johnson’s Literary Porn Book Trailer

This is the Series that Has Everyone Wondering Where to Find a More Depraved Bunch

The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Book Trailer

This video had text (not one pornographic image). Thanks for censoring it, google. Thanks a lot.

Please share and spread the word. Use hashtag #FuckCensorshipUpTheAss please. Thank you! You will be rewarded with contact with nirvana.