Plug of FREE Taboo Affairs: Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Episode 4 #LPRTG #Smutpunk #Erotica

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the lady in red,
cum storage,
luxurious hotel pools,
K-pop stars,
an ass made from the rape and pillage of WW2
tentacles (how do they fit in?),
and bukkake.

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3 comments on “Plug of FREE Taboo Affairs: Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Episode 4 #LPRTG #Smutpunk #Erotica

  1. Review of chronicles of a humiliation backfired 1-4

    This is a one of a kind book, but in a good way ( at least for me). I thought I knew the direction the story was going in, but I was totally wrong. I read this series in 1 sitting and was hypnotically entranced. I loved the flow, the sexual tension and escapades, and creativity of the plot. I was shocked at the twists and turns, but was at peace with the ending. This is definitely a “must read” book, especially if you are into this genre, but even if you are not, just enjoy the roller coaster ride. Wow.

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