Fuck me! I haven’t reviewed a Connie Cliff book in a few weeks. Weird. Until Amy’s Orders

Would I expect anything less than spice as hot as a habanero chili? 


Let the illustrious Connie Cliff drive your deep into the world of BDSM with Amy’s Orders (Doctor’s Fetish Toy, Book 2). And I mean deep — deep in down her throat, cunt, and ass and deep in the recently unleashed whore mind of Amy and her wanton lust for any and all doctors thanks to striking out miserably with her doctor step-father. Amy, our sultry heroine, has found she loves it rough, loves kissing women, loves cock up the submissive asshole, and wants to be owned by an older man in uniform.


This short story is super hot.

Amys-Orders-Doctor-BDSM-moctezuma-reviews-cliffIt starts with Amy timidly shopping, per her Doctor’s orders, for a whip. She’s nervous. She’s new to this world. And it’s driving her wet little pussy crazy, soaking her lace panties (insert cameo of Bella Swann panties™). This leads to an incredible scene featuring the whip, Amy, the doctor, and his secretary. The contrast from timidly shopping Amy to offering her slutty ass for more whip Amy stokes the blaze in my loins and and brain. Connie Cliff’s writing dumps gasoline on fire! That’s why I love it.


Amy’s Orders at Amazon

Fuck Force Five, bitches – Five Girls Ready to Protect the Planet at ALL COSTS

Shayna from Fuck Force Five


Triangulum Stain features an invasion of Earth by Sentient Alien Dildos

The US Government has contingency plans for this kind of emergency: Fuck Force Five (pictured above).

Read the Manual of How to Rappel Down a Giant Dildo (should the emergency arise)



Artwork by these very talented illustrators (gallery comes up random, FYI):
#1 ~soft-h #2 sekigan.tumblr.com #3 ~soft-h #4 XK-Images #5

Master, May I Have Another Load, Please | Cumface | Cum Tongue

Master, May I Kiss Your Other Girlfriend Now?

Master, May I Kiss Your Other Girlfriend Now?

Master, May I Have Another Load, Please

Poem by Moctezuma Johnson


i always want
to eat cum
your cum
and show it to you
on my tongue
your tongue
so you know
that i’m a good pig
and i’m sprung
you’re sprung

may i have
another load

Ways to Be Slutty for your Man | The Slut List |


Ways to Be Slutty For Your Man

The Best Thing in the World is a Slutty Girlfriend or Wife. It is just so sexy!

“How can I be more slutty?” is the most common question/comment that I hear


I was struck by one of the running themes readers have said about the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. They’ve pointed out that in some way it’s about how much a woman (or man) will take in order to be with the person s/he loves. This is an interesting theme and I realized I’ve really not made any effort to help women out with this. I have written How-To articles aimed at men (my version of Maxim, so on steroids and cialis) but nothing of the sort for women. Allow me to attempt to catch up. Here are some things you regular women can do to totally slut yourself up and makes your man weak in the knees for you. These ways to be slutty aren’t meant to be demeaning to you or your relationship. They are meant to be fun and done with trust and love (or at least deep like).

A lot of women need to be sluttier for their men. When the do that, they keep him forever. George Carlin had “the Shit List”. I present to you “the Slut List”.



  • Wait on for him in the house with fake cum poured on you and tell him you were just used by a horny guy who fucked your ass and raped your throat
  • Lay on your back with your ass up in the air and proudly show off your cunt and ass
    • Corollary, call your vagina your cunt & Call his penis a cock
      TheSlutList No 5 -- Wait For Your Man Wearing Fake Cum And Rubbing Your Cunt

      The Slut List No. 5 — Wait For Your Man Wearing Fake Cum And Rubbing Your Cunt

  • fill a water gun or enema bulb with fake cum and then give it to him to shoot all over you
    • he’ll love admiring your hot body covered, I mean doused, in jizz.
  • Set up the tripod and video him having his way with you, be sure to include a blowjob in your private porn opus. You will surely find him watching it and jerking himself off later and you will be proud.
  • Walk around the house topless
  • Don’t wear any underwear all day. Yes, even if you have to work
  • Shave your cunt
  • Wear lingerie
  • Put a pillow over your own head, wear a mask (especially an animal mask, like a pig mask (try this one), or wear a brown paper bag over your head. Letting him enjoy nothing but your body will drive him wild. Sometimes he needs to objectify you to get a raging hard on and fuck you so good you can’t walk tomorrow.
  • do your hair in pig tails and wear a catholic school girl skirt
  • wear really cheap, plastic earrings
  • wear “club” outfits while eating take out at home
  • do your eye make-up really heavy and let him face fuck you until your mascara runs all over your face
  • let him fuck you in the ass while he watches internet porn from a laptop placed on your back
  • Get on your hands and knees and be his footrest
  • Kneel before him and ask permission to leave the house before you go
  • Give him a sponge bath with your soapy tits as the sponge
  • Have him close his eyes and surprise him by putting different parts of you in his mouth: nipples, fatty part of tit, tongue, clit, ass, etc.
    Write "whore" on yourself or let him write it

    Write “whore” on yourself or let him write it

  • Suck a huge dildo off in front of him
  • Kiss one of your girlfriends in front of him
  • Suck off one of his friends in front of him
  • Fuck a dildo suctioned onto a glass surface so he can see from behind
  • Put in a butt plug before a date with him, tell him it’s in over dinner, and show him later.
  • Suck his dick while he’s titty fucking one of your friends (if you don’t get jealous)
  • Stick your tongue up his ass while you jerk him off
  • Wear a plastic pig nose and a plastic tiara while he fucks you


I think you’ve got the hand of this slut business now. Develop your own, and feel free to share awesome ideas!



Since publication of this “Ways to Be Slutty “article I have received overwhelming response and have compiled my advice into an eBook called The Sex Manual.



Movie Trailer of Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Movie TrailerChronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson

This is the book trailer from the four part Season One featuring Jynx, Jenny, and MJ. The book features a laundry list of taboos (in order of importance): cum fetish, lesbians, tentacles, billionaires, sex slaves, submission, humiliation, cum crazed Asians with Big Tits, hot Asians, Supermodels, voyeurism, and more. Check out the trailer and then read about these bat shit crazy characters and the steady diet of shit they must endure. You’ll never be the same after!

Headphones suggested

Jizz Crazy as Jynx

There’s a lot of bukkake and cum-play in the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series, so if you love these kinds of photos download my books (they come in one neat bundle) onto your eReader and enjoy my fucked up storytelling. It’s funny and got tons of taboo sex.

Thanks to tainter.com from where I got all the images. (Please contact if you’d like any image removed)


Cum Play Gif


Cum Play Gif

This is pretty damn hot. If you’ve read my work you know that I’m a big fan of cum-play, bukkake, and goo. So naturally, bigslimecumshots.tumblr.com is a cool site to me. Go check them out. If you like the gif below you will love that site.

If you want to read about bukkake and cumplay then check out the Hotel Bukkake Party.


I rarely use blondes in my stories but she makes me make an exception


On a Porno-Literary Tip | Probably not the most popular fiction category — well, not yet!


On a Porno-Literary Tip

I used to love that expression, but as I move forward—and mature—I like it less. I’m not even sure I understand what it means. I get the impulse behind it. If you’ve read my books they aren’t your typical smut. The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends has moments of real feeling and depth that more akin to literature than smut. However, there’s no lack of straight porn. Thus I merged the two but it still doesn’t really explain much and it’s a completely useless expression to the Amazon algorithm. If I could get the bots to bite on the expression then we’d have something. I’d be #1 up and down amazon, from A to motherfucking Z. As it is, I’m nowhere but confused by my own oxymoron.

The desire to try and categorize our work is good. I mean how do readers know what the hell they will get from a guy called Moctezuma Johnson. “Johnson? Give me a break, what a fake name!” But it’s real. Well, real in the sense of used for many years. Why? Because my original last name, which happens to be dirtier—it means “Holy Water” in Italian (I’m Mexican-Italian-American for those paisanos who care) which has a secondary meaning of jizz–is very hard to pronounce for some Americans and my dad got sick of repeating the gorgeous name to these lazy-tongued euphony-butchers and would just say, “it’s johnson, damnit, johnson” and it stuck. I’d imagine there are a cumload of Americans with fake last names due to similar tales of ineptitude and frustration. I like it because my father went on to legally change his name and got a powerful government job. I wonder how much of his success was sparked by the name change. Anyway, Johnson or not people hardly know what they’re getting when they see an author’s name so a category can be quite helpful. I remember the jacket of a Tom Robbins book saying, “trying to describe a Robbins book is like looking at a snowflake and trying to explain Olympic slalom skiing.” I think that holds true for all fiction. Now with Amazon trying to treat the book world like the non-greasy pain relieving gel world, authors seem to have no choice but pledge allegiance to a category or two and hope for the best. My advice is choose a category that exists. Don’t go my route and dominate a category that doesn’t really exist.

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