Attack of the Twitter Bots | I think they’re multiplying — beware!

Don’t buy followers

I couldn’t take the bombardment and had to write a short rant


Beware of the Bot

Beware of the Bot

What’s with all these bots following me on twitter. I mean, I do NOT want to buy followers. Please don’t DM me or follow me to lure me into it because I’m just not interested. I’ve been building my twitter by hand for all this time. Just recently I learned that I can automatically retweet using roundteam and schedule tweets using Hootsuite. I’m thrilled to have these additions, but that’s after actually getting to know my followers. I’m a human. I know many of my followers names. I have read your books, texted and emailed you, posted something especially for you, read your blogs, heeded your warnings, taken your advice, and jerked off to your naughty writings. Is that the final image you wanted? Hope so.

I’m really surprised that blasting BUY FOLLOWERS under a thousand different fake handles works, but they seem to be multiplying (or targeting me only), so I assume somebody is using these services. Don’t. There’s nothing to be gained by having 10,000 followers who only have 6-7 followers themselves, offer no engagement, and aren’t even real people. What you do want to do with twitter is meet other writers like yourself and trade stories, ideas, exposure, reviews, tips, tricks, and dirty photos.


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