This was some super hot and sweaty anal sex that turned into MMF

Connie’s got the knack. I thought I’d have a quick read before a nap but instead this book got me all riled up.

Hot and Sweaty Action: head down and ass stretched

Hot and Sweaty Action: head down and ass stretched

Instead of a nap, I had to get up and lube up the keyboard to find some anal porn and rub one out. Sorry, I just have to mention my dick every 15 seconds or I die. Anyway, the reason Emma’s Backdoor Initiation got me as hot as a habanero latte is because Connie sets up back story like a master writer in this book and all her books (I’ve read four now — yes, I’m a fan). Connie Cliff’s this century’s Shakespearean sex slinger. In this book you have the main character rush into marriage due to pressure from her mom which led to an early divorce and an overeating addiction. With an extra 50 lbs on her she checks her large, newly single ass into a gym. Her trainer is a hot stud that doesn’t pay her any mind. As the pounds drop that’s all about to change. Now he’s hitting on her and others have noticed how hot she is. You may be surprised to find out who takes notice, which I’m not going to tell you, but rest assured you may not guess what our pound-shedding vixen is about to get initiated into: things that she never knew would get her motor running. I’m not going to play spoiler — you will just have to find out for yourself what she gets into but it starts with the back entrance and ends…well, I’m not saying. The scenes are just too good for me to foul them up in a few words trying to explain world oil prices by pointing at a stove.

This book gets Two Dicks Up (the Ass)

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