The two most popular Moctezuma Johnson posts ever (courtesy of my old blog)

Perfect Ass Photo

Your first is always special

You remember the way she felt in your hands. You remember worrying what others thought of you spending so much time with her. She was both unknown and inexperienced and there was a big learning curve about how to handle her. You also were embarrassed that you knew so little and had to hide it.

An offer she can't refuse

Once she’s in the stocks she’s much more likely to take your facial

Not anymore. Now look at this blog! After being shut down for being a dirty cunt of a porn slinger I now have this site that actually looks a bit professional. Well that’s all thanks to my first: I didn’t even spell my name correctly in the first one. That was a happy mistake because it firmly established me as an alternative voice. A voice that brought, the now classic hits, “How to convince your girlfriend to give up her ass,” “How to really convince  your girlfriend to take a facial,” and “The Platonic Blowjob.”


The Old Days

When I was writing those posts I was just having a little fun. Yes, some of it was totally offensive. So what? It was all for fun. Now I write as a business so it’s a little different. Since starting that blog I released a book of erotica poems (“Love Poems” as Amazon has the book labeled), a mock sci-fi, and I’m about 3 weeks away from releasing my first bundle for Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired. In some ways I’ve come a long ways and in other ways I’ve gone background. What is more pure than simply keeping a blog and writing for fun? Nothing. It was the pinnacle of joy. But censorship shut it down more than once and that took the air out of the sails. I lost so many photo/poems that I’d taken hours to create that I’d never go down the route of publishing all that free delicious nastiness anymore. I think it’s the desire to archive this universe that propels me to beat the keyboard every day so if google, FB, et all is going to willy-nilly just pull the plug on it and send it into the ether then I’d better host my own site. And here we are. So look around and enjoy. If you like what you see, please buy a book or two to send some cash my way or share a post or two on the social media juggernaut.


Women, if you’re feeling left out by this post, please check out “How to Maximize your Sluttiness, err, Sexiness, for your man”


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