Moctezuma’s Patent Pending Erotica Rating System


I will be reviewing erotica periodically on this site with no timetable, schedule or organization of any sort that I’m aware of except the internal glue that is that I like to read and often have thoughts on what I read and have this site and may as well share my thoughts. Please contact me if you’d like me to review your work. I have reviewed books on my blog but my first book review on this website is for Christina Harding’s Underneath the Gargoyles, which I gave two dicks up.


MJ’s Patent Pending Rating System:One-and-a-half-smutpunk-Dicks-Up-Erotica-Rating-System-BY_MJ-2

  • Two Dicks Up
  • One Dick Up
  • No Dick Up No Flaccid Dick, either
  • One Flaccid Dick
  • Two Flaccid Dick
  • And shriveled balls, to boot


This is my sophomoric erotica rating system (which may be borrowed or stolen as you please — a backlink would be nice, though). I’ll be applying this when I remember, which probably won’t be too often. Hope you like.


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