Book Reviews: Want a blurb?


Book Reviews: Can I offer you a blurb?

First off, book reviews are absolutely essential if you want to be an author. The problem is that they are quite hard to get. Authors go through all kinds of trouble joining groups, doing review swaps, and forming street teams, just to name a few of the ways authors try to succeed. All of these idea come with their own pitfalls.

I understand the troubles of finding someone who will write you a review so I’ve decided to help out. If you’re interested in a reading of your book by MJ, then please send me a note. I can post a review on this blog and Amazon. Check out some of my other reviews.

Taboo Affairs – Cumming out soon!!! | Close to Season One of the Chronicles Series

Taboo Affairs Cover

Almost there

I’m finishing up Part 4 of the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfried Series. This episode has more voyeurism, more psycho-girlfriend, rimming, group fucking, and also more soft moments. There are some particularly touching moments between MJ and Jenny and between MJ and Jynx. In fact, there are even some tender moments with MJ and his cat Sombra.

I’ve found from the reviews and the responses that I’m a little too hardcore for a lot of people. That can be good for part of my audience but I want to make people happy with plot-driven characterizations as well as the hyper-attention to detail with which I’m both blessed and cursed. One thing I can guarantee is that readers will see this story in their minds. That’s the gift of my writing. That’s the gift of all good writing.

Care to be a reader/reviewer?

Like usual, I’m looking for a few beta reader, blurbers, and reviewers. You will be compensated with free stuff. I thank you in advance if you’re interested.



Hashtag eBook

To Jamie (a poem for a writer whom I admire) 


button doggy couch

unbutton her nose


lips half smile

half snarl that mouth


like a bulls-eye

purple g-string rides ass


a creamy shadow

crack pulled wide


asterisk purple asshole

sexy yellow thong


fox head drops

ass nostrils flare


that’s jamie agee

in one twitter word

X =======X======= X
X =======X======= X

Who is Jamie Agee?

Discover more about erotica writer Jamie Agee, who hates insects but considers herself a fox, at Twitter and/or Amazon.