Moctezuma Johnson hanging out in the Literary Porn club
Six Pack

Six Pack Abs and Gorgeous Women pack the pages of MJ’s books!!

Welcome to my new site

I’m really quite pleased to have this site up and running. I’m planning to write a guest post for Christina Harding and I’m toying with the idea of writing about making your own website and what that means for your career. I was lucky to have some very nice and bright designers work on this site for me. I am quite grateful for their hard work. You can click below to learn more about them.

Book Pricing

In MJ news, Amazon (I have no idea how or why) made Triangulum Stain 100% Free. I had been trying to get a different book to list for free but they chose that one. I’m pleased to have a free book so new readers can get to know me. It’s quite a cool way to get more eyes on my writing. I hate charging someone $3 or $4 for a book but if you don’t you make a measly 35% commission. This site allows me to price my books a little more reasonably. Most books will probably end up around $1 but in the meantime I’m having a sale with a few at $.69 and Triangulum Stain Free.  So get yourself one of my books ASAP. Don’t miss out on these awesome prices.


Feel free to contact me if something isn’t working. Surely we will have to iron a few kinks out.

Mailing List

Look to the right sidebar where you can join my mailing list and find out about great new deals and, of course, get a free book of your choice.



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