Triangulum Stain Reviewed by Christina Harding

Porno Literary Sci-Fi/Erotica by MJ

Triangulum Stain - Porno Literary Sci-Fi/Erotica

This Porno Literary Sci-Fi/Erotica has gotten rave reviews in its first month out

Girls Carrying Books Publisher of Porno Literary Fiction & Poetry

Girls Carry Books in their Hands cause their Sex Toys are concealed in their Bags

Don’t look now, but Christina Harding reviewed a second Moctezuma Johnson book. How awesome is that? Ok, look now at this literary porn hardcore erotica book reviewed by one of the web’s leading reviewers.

Triangulm Stain (available at Amazon) was released recently and has gotten great reviews so far and hopefully those with keep cumming (hehehe) in. Overall, my little sci-fi/erotica book has received two dicks up.

It’s possible that I will be writing a guest blog post at the Christina Harding site in the future.



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