That Fucker

porno literary eBook by emme hor

That Fucker by Emme Hor | Another Girls Carrying Books Literary Porn Book

Emme Hor as my female counterpart. Her writing is direct and hard-hitting. Every piece is an Apache Helicopter zeroing in on its target. In “That Fucker” the target is a shitty boyfriend. This book packs quite a punch including a surprise love story and a very very embarrassing situation for the heroine Heather.

That Fucker Description:

Heather is in love with her man who she calls “That Fucker” cause he is so mean to her most of the time. She does everything for him and she finds messages from other women, invitations, thank yous for last nights. Why does she stay with him? She’s attractive. She has another guy they call Charlie the Wok in her office sniffing around her. Her boyfriend treats her so bad that she is considering giving this new man a shot. He is nothing like That Fucker. He is a decent man. She should go out with him and she knows it. Then her boyfriend surprises her at the office with a present. A brand new set of skull-candy headphones. Will this be everything that she wanted from him? the dawn of a new mutually beneficial relationship? or does That Fucker have one more thing up his sleeve that will drive her into the new man’s arms?

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