Smutpunk Day

Smutpunk Day is 6/9 every year. I just never knew it before but it always was. Well, at least, it’s 6/9 in America. It’s 9/6 in the rest of the world, so we will have two. One on June 6th and one on September 9, both dates being written 6/9 or 69-it’s-muhfuckin’-smutpunk-day-bitches!

So what will we do for smutpunk day?

We don’t know yet. Feel free to give me some ideas: moctezuma.johnson(at)

I think I’m going to make a story available on my site. It’s called the FUTA DICKSICLE STAND and it’s futaliciously dripping with creamdicks, err, freudian typo, with creamsicles. I may make Chronicles Season One completely free as well. I don’t know. We will figure it out. Who’s in with me?

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Bigger is Better – ANIMATION by Dinner-Kun on DeviantArt