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My reach has grown over the last couple of years and I’d like to help other writers doing their thing.

  1. Adverts 

    • Place ads on on the main page sidebar, main page bottom, link page, main slider, first slide on main slider etc.
      • All prices recurring monthly
        • Pricing:
          • Sidebar $3 / $5 / $7 – bottom, middle, top
          • Bottom of Main Page – $10
          • Link Page – $1 per month on link page (image (250×250 and link)
          • Main Slider – $25 
          • First Slide of Main Slider – $100 (first slide of main slider)
              • please ask what the heck all this info means, where these spots are, etc. I can send you a site geography PDF to explain it all. Just ask. 


  2. Book Doctor services  

      • this is especially useful if you feel like you’re write cookie cutter erotica. I can spice up the plot, setting, characters, etc by injecting a tiny bit of smutpunk into the piece.
        • $100 for 3-5k words, full service featuring plot fix, character development, who cares, editing (copyediting + $50)
        • $250 for $5-20K
        • $750 for 20k-50K
        • 50k up negotiable, make your best offer


  3. Cover art services

      • Teasers $7
          • b. Banners $10
          • c. Pin/Tweet/FB post package $15 (one piece of art adjusted to fit each social media)
      • E-cover $55


  4. Video Book Trailer

    • Readers love seeing multimedia. I can make a 1-3 minute video that pulls readers in.
    • See the Punk E. Schmooster YouTube page to see some past smutpunk videos. Any topic is okay.
    • Price Negotiable – Contact me to discuss


  5. Listing Book for Sale at the Smutpunk Bookshop

    • It’s a opportunity for us to cross market
    • I can give you the numbers in private if you’d like to sell on this site (and if I’d like to have you).



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Book Doctor and Art Services

If you’d like more info about my services for fiction writers, you can contact me by leaving a comment below, emailing me, or using the site’s contact form. I’ll reply within 24 hours. 

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