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If on a Summer’s Day a Prostitute

Throwing Roller Skates in the Trash Chute

Romance on Skates with the Alpha Male Billionaire

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Completed, Weird As Fuck, and Smutpunk As A Late-night Alien Probe

Shrinkage | The Book of Pigs


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“Giantess Lucia”
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1948, Japan – The Futa Boxing Gym (2) 


Minae’s marriage has descended into blah as her husband won’t dominate her as she wishes.

Ines has been conquered by Keiko in the Futa Boxing Gym and assumes a new role as prostitute by night and boxer/trainer by day in the most famous gym in the world but she wants more.

Ines wants to be the Queen of the Gym, the status she grew accustomed to in her native Caracas. Was she a big fish in a small pond or will the magic futa jump rope endow her with all she needs to be one of the best ever? Minae wants to become a sub to a dominant partner. She cooks up the crazy idea to visit the Futa Boxing Gym in Japan and become the dominant partner she wishes her husband to be. She visits the gym and all seems to be the perfect dream. She gets on the magic jump rope to become the Futa Lover of her dreams but for some reason the rope doesn’t change her. Ines and Keiko realize that the rope has become frayed. It’s power is seeping out.

They go on a quest into the sacred mountains where the magic jump rope was originally dropped from a scrotum rain shower in 1948. This incredible event may happen again if the ‘girls’ can convince the keepers of the futa rope, the three Kis, to perform their magic ritual again. If they fail, futa will be dead on planet Earth and Minae’s marriage will be in tatters like the rope itself.

The three Kis and the powers of Futanaria are not going to make restoring the rope an easy task. In fact, the ‘girls’ find that only two out of three Kis are even alive still in 2017. The other two are stubborn old men. The only thing that may make them risk their hide are big bouncing bimbo tits, ass, and futa cock. See if the ‘girls’ have what it takes to save the Magic Futa Jump Rope.

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