Chubby Chaser Red Pesca

bigassChubby Chaser – Red’s books follow a BBW’s quest for happiness

McDonald’s Supersized Big Beautiful Woman by Red Pesca


Part 1 – Weighing MacDonald’s BBW Breasts 

Marissa MacDonald gets weighed in a McDonald’s

A shy, insecure BBW has an experience she never could have imagined. She finds a gorgeous guy with a thing for weighing. What will he weigh next? her or a skinny buxom blonde? Things never pan out for Marissa for some reason. Will this be the tipping point in her life? Will things go right. Time is running out for her as her boss is at his wit’s end with her.

Part 2 – The BBW, the Shapeshifter, and the Flower Truck

Marissa MacDonald got weighed in a McDonald’s. Now what?

Marissa, an insecure BBW, has an experience she never could have even dreamed of, except that she did. Her husband has given her more than she ever wanted, but then he betrayed her. Dejected some new friends will change things drastically for her. Will they help her become sure of her sexy self or will she end up bleeding to death on the forest floor? Her life is at stake in this one.

Part 3 – The Jaguar Prince: McDonald’s BBW and the Classy Jaguar Billionaire in Suits and Expensive Cufflinks

She doesn’t want to be weighed anymore. She needs someone to protect her!

Marissa, the BBW with a heart of gold, is back again for another juicy, bouncing, jiggling episode of this sexy series. This time she’s in loads of trouble with two local farmers running a dairy farm. She needs to escape a pig pen, a shape-shifter, and her ex-husband. See how it all swirls around oinkingly and shatters like a windshield slammed by a charging pig. One thing is for certain, if Marissa doesn’t solve things quickly, she’s not going to survive.

“Perfectly smutpunk, the literary equivalent of the best of pulp fiction: well crafted and interesting, like raw genius printed on cheap newsprint.”
–Callie Press, Author of Erotic Pulp 1 & 2


If you love BBWs, read what chubby chaser Red Pesca—a Moctezuma Johnson Catfish—has to say about the incredible Marissa Goldsham. Red understand that there’s nothing sexier than a real woman. See Red‘s “Real Women” on MJ’s Pinterest and share your favorites.