Lifetime Smutpunk VIP Membership



Lifetime Smutpunk VIP Membership


You get…

  1. Everything totally uncut and uncensored
    • fiction, including new books, novelettes, short stories, and rants before they come out at other retailers. Some are so raw and unabashed that they’ll never make it to the retailers!
    • poetry, including poems will more than knock your socks off, they will cum all over your socks and then eat them! Not one word needs to be cut to please the Holy Gods of censorship on these smutpunk poems
    • photos, raw and rude like you like them, including some homemade shots of Emme Hor
    • artwork, this is the one that really ticks me off. I have some great artists working with me and thanks to the unfair and often arbitrary rules of St. Amazon and Uncle Smashwords like “no floppy skin”, “no cum waterfalls”, and “no exploding cum volcanoes on exposed latex clad superheroes” I can’t showcase the amazing work done for my books on most public sites like Amazon, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Well, here I can. Get the full 100% uncut Gallery of Smutpunk
  2. 3-5 poem set written just for you
  3. Choice of any of the smutpunk swag sent to your doorstep (some pieces listing for as much as $29.99)
  4. And of course a Lifetime of the finest, purest Smutpunk Streaming into your inbox
  5. The title of smutpunk4lyf bestowed upon you as a patron of smutpunk.


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“I don’t want to be a member of any club that would have me for a member. Well, except the Smutpunk VIP club!”

–Groucho Marxxx


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