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Click the tabs to see a list of books for each category. Start with Futanari (or elsewhere) and work your way all the way to Sci-Fi. 

Futadelic (see review) – Ao gets more than she bargained for from mad scientist Dr. Engle. She must put her new big problem aside or else danger and mayhem await.

Futadelic - The Power of Potion

Futadelic – The Power of Potion

Romancing the Hot Stone (see review) – The Hot Stone Massage Parlor finds that it has really burned a great customer. Now everyone involved wants to take advantage financially and sexually. Somebody will get revenge, but in this topsy-turvy bottom-pig tale of FUTAs and dubcon who gets what is not what it may seem. romance-massage-asian 

Futa Dicksickle Stand (see review) — Leanne is pregnant and dying of NYC’s summer heat. Her best friend, Carly, takes her to a special creamsicle stand to help her bestie cool down. The FUTA cashiers want more than cash from lactating Leanne in this fun little sexed up tale that tests the limits of friendship and teaches the true meaning of what is a creamsicle.

(For Sale on Amazon Futa) | For Sale Here Discounted to 69c by VIP Smutpunk Subscription Futa-Dicksicle-Stand-web

1948 Scrotum Rain – The Futa Boxing Gym (part 2) — Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies! It should be coming out early August 1948-japan-futanari-scrotum-rain-magic-jump-rope
Sarchasmo V. Apographia – Copycats are on the loose stealing ideas left and right until Sarchasmo shows up to mete out justice. This makes fun of how many indie writers blatantly rip off other indie writers. Enjoy!



Sarchasmo V. Mr. Whiteprick – A horrible Indie writer whom they call Whiteprick has picked a fight with the wrong sweet Louisiana Cherry Blossom. Sarchasmo is on the case to mete out his cockslapping brand of social justice. This one pokes fun at the state of publishing in 2017. Enjoy!



Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Season One)


Moctezuma Johnson’s Chronicles of Humiliation Backfired



Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Season Two) — Cumming Soon — Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies! pulp-covers-smutpunk-on-skates-reveal
Messy Blowjob Gunge Pie Steak Pi Day

Promotional Poster for the Steak and BJ Bundle

Jane’s Steak and BJ Night Surprise (see review

The Nose (see review

The Steak and BJ Bundle (see review

Real and Imaginary

Poisonous Apples

Smutpunk Poetry (coming soon) Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies!

The Black Book (coming soon) Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies!

Click the Tongue for Fun

Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

A story all about YOU in which YOU make all the decisions!

The TriStain Universe Episodes:

Pop & Lollie (Teabagged by the Sentient Lollipop aka the Candy Cunt Saga) Pop-n-Lollie--Pulp




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