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Everything is open to you once you’re a VIP member. You can unbutton all blouses, part all lips, spread all legs, remove all bras, and spread open all ass cheeks. You can fondle all balls, slap all asses, and make anyone kneel. There’s nothing uncut once you join this private world of Moctezuma Johnson’s smutpunk erotica.



There’s not much more to say. Join now. It’s FREE for SIX (6) trial month and then only $2.69 for the following months. You can also get a yearly membership (coming soon). Also, you can unsubscribe at any time.




Read a book a week for a really long time. Get Your Hot Smutpunk Subscription with tons of books already loaded on this site and filled with smut, punk, and cum. Fuck the censors! Get raw, hot, erotica. Get raceplay, hotwife, interracial, asian, white man asian female, and more stuff unfit to mention here. The only way to know is to subscribe and read the canon of smutpunk novels, novelettes, poems, stories, photos, and art. All uncensored! All uncut! That’s not all. Get it all 100% Free when you sign up TODAY! You’ll also get poems, photos, rants, and more! And it’s all uncut and uncensored.

1 review for Smutpunk Subscription — Six Free Months! #Free #SMUTPUNK #OneTimeOffer

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    5 out of 5

    “I love everything about the subscription. It’s all so hot. It’s all so irreverant.” –Ashley P.

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