Runaway Brat by Shelby Kent-Stewart

5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


Runaway Brat by Shelby Kent-Stewart

(2 customer reviews)


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Architect Hadley James is a woman on a mission. Leaving a string of shattered hearts and broken engagements across Europe, she returns to Chicago to put her playgirl image behind her and focus on her career. And she intends to do it alone — no men, no angst, no problem — but when she crosses paths with a client, one hell-bent on claiming the bad girl, all bets are off.
Scott Barlow knows what he wants. He wants Hadley James in his life, his bed and under his thumb. A strict disciplinarian and advocate of tough-love for women, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

There is another who watches and waits, someone from her past with a deadly agenda, someone who will prove that before a heart can be shattered, it must exist.

2 reviews for Runaway Brat by Shelby Kent-Stewart

  1. (verified owner) – :

    5 out of 5

    Smart, Sexy Erotic Fiction
    Format: Paperback

    If you are looking for a well-written erotic romance with a focus on domestic discipline, look no further. This story is sexy, suspenseful, and emotional. Just like all of Shelby Kent-Stewart’s other books I’ve read, what makes her stand apart from other erotic romance authors is the depth of her stories: her characters are three-dimensional and complicated, her prose and dialogue is sharp and witty, and her sex scenes involve the heart and mind as well as the body. In short, this book for grown-ups is smart. It’s adult fiction for thinking women (and men!).

    Side note: I’m not even into spanking, yet I found myself totally getting into it where this book is concerned!

  2. (verified owner) – :

    5 out of 5

    Spellbinding story from start to finish.

    The layers of this exquitely written story begin with the most intriguing dialogue and lead you through a labyrinth of an enticing and veiled plot. As every chapter unfolds, the reader is kept on the edge of thier seat, hypnotized by thier curiosity of what lies ahead. The characters were strong, inclusive of the secondary and even tertiary characters.

    This story was written in such a way that you cant help but feel every emotion and sensation experienced by these characters. Just when you think that you know what is going to happen, your are thrown into a dimensional whirlwind of intensity that leaves your heart pounding. I assure you that every curve will be unanticipated !

    Each chapter leads you through a delphic maze of the many facets of Hadley James. She is a compelling and strong woman who chooses to maintain control over herself and all that she does, seldom allowing others to steer her. She takes the reigns on everything and does what it takes to see her visions through to completion. Her creativity sets the precedence for those in her field. When faced with a dilemma, she maintains her composure at all costs and never surrenders to failure. She is a Phoenix Fire in all its glory.

    The story of Hadley James is a relatable character.
    Her vengeful quest regarding her father’s death is a worthy one, even in the real world.
    She suffers from anxiety. The means of therapy that she chooses to employ in order to purge this affliction will undoubtably leave the reader secretly curious to explore this method.

    Scott Barlow is a mans man. His demeanor is both winsome and fiercely dominant. He is a thoughtful and considerate man who ensures that those he cares about are well taken care of. When the need to make his point of view is justified, he is relentless.

    Asheton, the male antagonist in this story, had me debating on the many surefire ways to eternally torture him, myself. Nuff said…..

    Leaving no stone unturned, the story builds up quickly, leading you through an irresistible, eternal climactic rollercoaster of drama. There are endless levels of seductive and eloquently written elation that no mere mortal could possibly resist and the darkness that lies within these pages are spine chilling, to say the least.

    I intend to read this again. Yes – It was that good !
    Runaway Brat dances circles around those in its genre and it needs to come to life in a Movie!

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