Smutpunk Paperback | 1948 – The Futa Boxing Gym (Part 2)

$11.99 $5.99


Smutpunk Paperback | 1948 – The Futa Boxing Gym (Part 2)

$11.99 $5.99

This is the second part in the Futa Boxing Gym story. In part 1, Ines was conquered by Keiko. Now, after a small town American girl named Minae comes to find futalicity, they join forces to find out why the powers of futa are suddenly waning in the Futa Boxing Gym. They trace the problem to a fray in the Magic Jump Rope. The (mostly) futa women go on a quest to repair the rope and are sent to a sacred temple that was ground zero to an extraordinary event in 1948. This event is about to occur again. Will Ines and Keiko be brave enough to withstand the storm? Will the the inexplicable forces of 1948 rise again? Will they support or destroy the Futa Boxing Gym? Whatever happens Minae, Ines, and Keiko will never ever be the same.

Read a futalicious excerpt here.

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