Erotic Science Fiction: Triangulum Stain – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

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Meet Shayna with the heavy tits
Meet Tabitha (the blonde)
Meet each Fuck Force Five agent
Black Comedy by Moctezuma Johnson

Erotic Science Fiction: Triangulum Stain – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

(5 customer reviews)

$3.00 $0.00

Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos — Part One of the Triangulum Series

Triangulum Stain has been ranked in Amazon’s Top Ten Free Bestsellers in “Erotica >> Science Fiction” and “Erotica >> Humor” thanks to it’s weird multi-layered plot told from an old-fashioned, diode computer print-out. An alien chemical compound lands in the desert and turns the sleepy town of Beaver Lick, Arizona into a zombie-sex-fest.

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Erotic Science Fiction from Moctezuma Johnson

A chemical from deep in the pinwheel formation, many star systems away, has somehow found its way into the desert on Earth. It has entered the atmosphere in a NASA capsule and has busted loose of the capsule. Now it’s on the prowl turning average Earthlings into sexed-up alien love slaves.

As the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to the apocalyptic hour, the government lands on the scene with it’s highly trained Five Hive WiB Force. These female MIBs clad in gorgeous latex outfits have been dispatched via supersonic jet. Why? That’s their task: seducing alien threats into submission. Yes, that’s where your tax dollars go, Americans. Ask the GOP in the next debates!

What has landed on Earth?

This extraterrestrial called the stain is an agent that gets into men’s cum. Every time a man ejaculates he creates a monster. When any man in Beaver Lick, Arizona finishes, he falls into a deep sleep and the liquid turns into an living, moving silicone-made sentient Alien Dildo that preys on young women. These sentient dildos (the real campy bedrock of this Science Fiction Erotica) can asexually reproduce and they want to and they want to spread for Dildogeddon.

Triangulum Stain is a erotic science fiction story about how a team of scientists created long before this alien relish lands in Arizona work to thwart Dildogeddon. Luckily for them a few civilians who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and the Five Hive (each with a peculiar and amazing skill) try to help stop this erotic alien takeover of Earth.

Will Earth survive or will all be sexed to death?

Finding out is a fun, sarcastic, campy thrill-ride. It’s black comedy and it’s erotic smutpunk. Some say it’s Michael Crichton gives Philip Dick to Mika Tan. I think it’s a B-movie up there with “Milked by the Yeti”. You decide.

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Bob Milne from Beauty in Ruins gave a wonderful review to each book in the series

Also, introducing the first “pulsing” and “vibrating” book cover ©2015 by Moctezuma Johnson


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5 reviews for Erotic Science Fiction: Triangulum Stain – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

  1. :

    5 out of 5

    This erotica has a good sense of humor, enhanced by Moctezuma’s rugged writing style! We all know that men have two heads – one above the waist and one below the waist. What would happen if the head below the waist did all of the thinking? Or if the one above the waist was irrelevant? During Triangulum Stain we get to find out! This may be just about one of the only times when a man will cower from a horny woman.

    Moctezuma gives his readers a full view of the alien attack by weaving multiple story lines together. He also varies up this short by providing his readers with important information via a couple of different formats. Additionally, I could see Moctezuma’s talent with poetry shine through due to the graceful pros within this book.

    With all this being said, this is simply a well-written, humorous erotic story, intended for our entertainment!

  2. :

    5 out of 5

    Gotta tell ya, Attack of the Replicating Aliens is my favorite!! I have reread it multiple times, AND read parts outloud to my group of stoner drunks, and they LOVE it!

  3. :

    5 out of 5

    Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

    If you like funny alien sex, then this is the quick read book for you!! Definitely unique!! Still laughing my ass off!!

  4. :

    5 out of 5

    A top shelf Top Secret tale!
    September 13, 2017
    Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

    Lefty, Chloe, Officer Rick and all the denizens of Beaver Lick AZ are in for one intergalactic circle jerk of a ride when a color changing, levitating Alien pays them a visit. This sentient silicone is bent on world domination and seems to be spreading as fast as the ladies in Beaver Lick. First, the 1500 Beaver Lickers, but eventually it could be all of AZ, the U.S. and finally, the world. Can the Freeze Van reach the tiny town in time to save the day? Will the Five Hive be successful or will they only encourage rutting replications? Are all the females soon to resemble sticky Jackson Pollock drip paintings? A creamy conundrum wrapped around an erotic enigma covered in jizz jelly, you’ll need to find out the answers by picking the book up today.

    All that may stand between us and total global submission are a team of highly trained agents and some secret borrachero. Joysticks beware.

    Entertaining, wildly creative and such a fun read, it’s easy to see how well Moctezuma Johnson wears the Smutpunk King crown. If you’re looking for an erotic otherworldly adventure, this one delivers and it’s well worth the risk for a glimpse of this Top Secret tale.

  5. :

    5 out of 5

    This book is hard to review!
    Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

    A great author had a character say: “I eat weirder things than you for breakfast! “. He wouldn’t be able to say that about this book! (I miss his books.)

    This is Smutpunk, weird, hilarious, and highly entertaining. If your mind has bent beyond the norm, you will be entertained.

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