Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club by Sally Bend

$2.99 $1.69


Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club by Sally Bend

$2.99 $1.69

“This is one of the most seriously messed up books I’ve ever read!”

Sally Bend, transgender authority and author extraordinaire, has joined the smutpunk cadre. Add to Cart and check out one of her great stories.



Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club
by Sally Bend

Forget everything you know about the interracial hotwife cliché. Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club is a story that’s ridiculously kinky, but gloriously sex and gender positive. It’s a deliberately gleeful contrast to the stories of cruelty and humiliation, a whole other level of cuckolding — smutpunk style!

You won’t find any cruel, heartless, cheating wives here. No weak, broken, cuckolded husbands. No arrogant, seductive, Alpha bulls. This is not a story of marital lust being usurped or replaced, but of a forbidden, unspeakable love being shared and expanded.

Carolyn is a hotwife who loves her sissy husband dearly. She has been openly cuckolding him with her futanari lovers for years, and has finally decided to grant his fondest wish. If he can prove his devotion to the Queen, then he will join her in sharing a strange, sticky, sloppy life of submission to the new futa order.

This 27,350 word story contains detailed descriptions of crossdressing sissies, bisexual hotwives, futa seduction, cuckolding, bimbofication, bukkake, creampies, gokkun, public exhibitionism, and more. It is over-the-top, extraordinarily well-glazed smutpunk, and intended for adult readers only.


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