the Butt Plug Blues 1: That Fucker (uncut version)

5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)

$3.95 $2.69


the Butt Plug Blues 1: That Fucker (uncut version)

(1 customer review)

$3.95 $2.69

by Emme Hor

For Heather being in love with her man isn’t doing her any favors

That Fucker comes ripe with sexual mishaps, rough anal, and some other strange yet sexy happenings. See for yourself as the former model and current lawyer turned porn star literary pen-wielder serves up another does of her strange literary porn.

What’s the fun of erotica until there are bathroom blowjobs and butt plugs lodged up someone’s ass?

That Fucker (and the Amazon diet version That Beefhead) answers that question with style.


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Heather is in love with her man who she calls That Fucker cause he is so mean to her most of the time. She does everything for him that includes spreading, kneeling, wrapping, yet she still finds abundant messages from other women: invitations, photos, and thank-yous-for-last-night. She’s at her wits’ end. Why does she stay with him? She’s attractive. She has another guy they call Charlie the Wok in her office sniffing around her. She is considering giving this new man a shot. He is nothing like That Fucker. He is a decent man. She should go out with him and she knows it. Then her boyfriend surprises her at the office with a present. Will this be everything that she wanted from him? the dawn of a new mutually beneficial relationship? or does That Fucker have one more thing up his sleeve that will drive her into the new man’s arms?

Uncut, Uncensored, 100% Hardcore Literary Page Porn from the First Lady of SMUTPUNK Miss Emme Hor. This is the uncut version of of Romance with Skull Candy and Roller-Skates.

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…MMF, Bukkake, Anal Play, Race Play, Anal Plugs, Cumshots, Rough Sex, Interracial Sex, Public Sex, and more


1 review for the Butt Plug Blues 1: That Fucker (uncut version)

  1. (verified owner) – :

    5 out of 5

    How can you not love Emme Hor? She’s smart, opinionated, and breaks stereotypes constantly. This book is hot and a bit out of control.

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