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Poisonous Apples

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The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends 2

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Put a white alpha male in a fish bowl with hot Asian females and this is what you get: smutpunk poetry. This book is laced with humiliation, facefucking, and more nastiness. Enjoy!

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1 review for Poisonous Apples

  1. :

    5 out of 5

    First, why are there always only 5 stars, I feel so limited. If there was a Universe rating, that would be the one.

    This is, just wow! It’s a love to hate, hate to love maybe just a hate fuck collection of some of the most raw poetry I have ever had the fortune to come across. Wait, it doesn’t rhyme you say, so what, poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme, it is about expressing emotion, feelings, a part of your soul through words, for yourself first, other people second. Poetry that blurs the line between imagery and realism is the best. MJ is to absolute King of Literary Porn, not only that but he writes poetry that will rip your soul out, fuck it hard and put it back while you say thank you. I’m can’t recommend this enough!

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