Choose your Own Kink SEXcapade

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No matter what you chose, you end up with the same conclusion. Life is hard and relationships never really work out. The only sensible thing to do is to buy a house in a mountain and not interact with another soul until you wither away and die and get eaten by your cats. But inevitably we try to get along with others, perhaps a husband or a wife or a family member and we end up fighting and not possessing the courage to really make any of this shit work. These are the breaks. So we SMUTPUNK. Cause united we stand, and unSMUTPUNK’d we fall.

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This is a full version novelette (over 7,500 words) in pieces about you. You make the decisions, you choose the kink. It’s your sexcapade and anything can happen in the wild world of Moctezuma Johnson’s SMUTPUNK.

Order from Amazon with the button (if you’d like to show your direct support financially, please, donate) and then use the BUY AT AMAZON button, or START PREVIEW HERE at the Choose your own Kink SEXcapade Start Page to read a quite long preview. Of course you’re completely welcome to read for free. You can read most of the piece here on but the finale of certain climactic sections will only be available in the Complete Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade available on Amazon


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