Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Episode No. 3) w/ Hot Asian Teen



Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Episode No. 3) w/ Hot Asian Teen


This is the third book in the Series (the tetralogy or quadrilogy, as it were) Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired, the psycho-thriller literary porn erotica that features bat-crazy yet juicy Asian women in some hot, crazy situations.  If you already find you’re in a love affair with Moctezuma Johnson’s illicit brand of hardcore erotica, then why not buy this emotional fatal attraction third installment?  It is for sale on Amazon (currently enrolled in KDP — who knows why?), but will come unshackled in a few months. This episode is pretty hardcore featuring Ass to Mouth (A2M), Mind Control, Cum Receptacles (no really, not the slang expression), MFF, Anal, and Sexual Slavery. Also, Natasha the Korean-Russian nymph is introduced and she’s fine.


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This is the third installment of the psycho-thriller surrounding Jynx and Moctezuma. This episode starts after the utter chaos of episode two and finds MJ trying to get his bearings while he notices he’s in the custody of this gorgeous Asian Teen, a nymph with a great rack and incredible body. He tries the whole episode to piece together what is happening to him while trying not to get seduced by Jynx and ensnared all over again. He wants his freedom! But what will be the price? Jynx has emerged as a completely manipulative psychopath. Just see what’s in her fridge.


I want episode 4! January 29, 2015

By Connie Cliff

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The third installment of the Chronicles starts in a dazed state, since MJ (the protagonist) has been drugged by his psycho girlfriend. When I was reading this, I actually felt like I was dazed myself – the power of description in Moctezuma’s writing is spellbinding. Someone called his prose “maniacal”, and I have to agree. This kind of narrative may be hard to stomach for those who are used to the common vanilla fare. But brace yourself, sit down with a strong beverage in you hand, and just read it (though I do recommend you read episodes 1 and 2 first). You’ll feel so utterly immersed in this foreign kinky world of MJ’s mind, that you’ll struggle to get back to reality. When you do, you’ll ask, Where is the next episode? Before I wrap this up, I just have to say that Tasha was my favorite character so far. Hot, Eurasian, and friendly – what more could you ask for?


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