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I will be reviewing erotica periodically on this site with no timetable, schedule or organization of any sort that I’m aware of except the internal glue that is that I like to read and often have thoughts on what I read and have this site and may as well share my thoughts. Please contact me if you’d like me to review your work. I have reviewed books on my blog but my first book review on this website is for Christina Harding’s Underneath the Gargoyles, which I gave two dicks up.


MJ’s Patent Pending Rating System:One-and-a-half-smutpunk-Dicks-Up-Erotica-Rating-System-BY_MJ-2

  • Two Dicks Up
  • One Dick Up
  • No Dick Up No Flaccid Dick, either
  • One Flaccid Dick
  • Two Flaccid Dick
  • And shriveled balls, to boot


This is my sophomoric erotica rating system (which may be borrowed or stolen as you please — a backlink would be nice, though). I’ll be applying this when I remember, which probably won’t be too often. Hope you like.

Hotel Sex: Meet Jynx (from the Hotel Bukkake Thriller)


Hotel Sex: There’s something so cheap and sexy about it!

Jynx is a little sexpot. She is curvy—with big tits like bulbous eggplants held by sports bras and a juicy ass that smacks you back wSmutpunk Bukkake Serieshen smacked because it’s so tight—and a crazy conniving bitch using cunt as a weapon and cum as a salve. Her arch enemy is Jenny. Her greatest love story is Moctezuma Johnson.

Read the Chronicles of a Humiliation Series to learn more about her.


Read an excerpt from the Hotel Party (part 1 of the series)

Read a poem about Jenny

Crawling the Cobwebs with Christina Harding | Rating: Two Dicks Up

Free Sex Literary Porn

This is a review/commentary with partial spoilers (but if you’re like me you don’t read Erotica only for the plot, so who cares?)

Wow! It’s like this story was lurking on the roof the whole time but I never noticed. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up at gargoyles up there on a building and not paid them much mind. Well, turns out these gargoyles are attention whores and if a hot face fucking catholic schoolgirl fucks her boyfriend in front of them, they’ll be damned if they don’t get a piece of ass for themselves. This is the basic premise of Underneath the Gargoyles, the seminal work of the deep, wet mind of Christina Harding (find her on twitter @TinaErotica where she is an avid re-tweeter and follower-back).

Great book for fans of Catholic Girls, Priests, Gargoyles, and Supernatural Sex

If you like Catholic School Girls getting stuffed with big hard marble and want to know how to make a gargoyle purr then you need to read this exquisitely naughty and creative novelette. There is a bit of masturbation, some vanilla boyfriend/girlfriend sex, some young girl/older man sex, and then the fantastic supernatural creature sex. If you like any of these themes, then you’re in for a treat. Christina writes each scene well and the short novel builds toward its grand climax. Without ruining the ending for you, it seems that to make a gargoyle purr like a little kitty you need to lick balls, stretch around its marble cock, and take its cum-hosing.

The Plot

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make a litter of gargoyles purr

A pretty choir girl named Trisha is out to find herself some sexual trouble from the get go. She’s rubbing herself in a church pew, then taking her boyfriend outside, then being baptized by the priest (but not with holy water), and then the piece de resistance: the gargoyles, I’m not going to spoil this part for you. I thought this was the climax. The novelette gets really hot, sticky, and sweaty while crawling around in the cobwebs of your mind. It’s got a sensual foundation that is really essential to make the gargoyle scene work. While reading I could feel the warmth of a gargoyle tongue and the hardness of its mammoth marble cock. Don’t let me tell you, have a look for yourself.


Learn More at Amazon


Visit Christina at her very useful blog

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She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

I always love a little dubious consent

I always love a little dubious consent

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make gargoyles purr

The Wizard's Daughters are pretty delectable.

The Wizard’s Daughters are pretty delectable.

Book Reviews: Want a blurb?


Book Reviews: Can I offer you a blurb?

First off, book reviews are absolutely essential if you want to be an author. The problem is that they are quite hard to get. Authors go through all kinds of trouble joining groups, doing review swaps, and forming street teams, just to name a few of the ways authors try to succeed. All of these idea come with their own pitfalls.

I understand the troubles of finding someone who will write you a review so I’ve decided to help out. If you’re interested in a reading of your book by MJ, then please send me a note. I can post a review on this blog and Amazon. Check out some of my other reviews.

Taboo Affairs – Cumming out soon!!! | Close to Season One of the Chronicles Series

Taboo Affairs Cover

Almost there

I’m finishing up Part 4 of the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfried Series. This episode has more voyeurism, more psycho-girlfriend, rimming, group fucking, and also more soft moments. There are some particularly touching moments between MJ and Jenny and between MJ and Jynx. In fact, there are even some tender moments with MJ and his cat Sombra.

I’ve found from the reviews and the responses that I’m a little too hardcore for a lot of people. That can be good for part of my audience but I want to make people happy with plot-driven characterizations as well as the hyper-attention to detail with which I’m both blessed and cursed. One thing I can guarantee is that readers will see this story in their minds. That’s the gift of my writing. That’s the gift of all good writing.

Care to be a reader/reviewer?

Like usual, I’m looking for a few beta reader, blurbers, and reviewers. You will be compensated with free stuff. I thank you in advance if you’re interested.



Hashtag eBook

To Jamie (a poem for a writer whom I admire) 


button doggy couch

unbutton her nose


lips half smile

half snarl that mouth


like a bulls-eye

purple g-string rides ass


a creamy shadow

crack pulled wide


asterisk purple asshole

sexy yellow thong


fox head drops

ass nostrils flare


that’s jamie agee

in one twitter word

X =======X======= X
X =======X======= X

Who is Jamie Agee?

Discover more about erotica writer Jamie Agee, who hates insects but considers herself a fox, at Twitter and/or Amazon.

Hotel Party: With Jynx around even nostrils don’t feel safe!


The Bukkake Hotel Party is the starting book of the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. It’s the introduction to Jenny, Jynx, and Moctezuma.

Dicks go in so many holes, even nostrils don't feel safe.

Dicks go in so many holes, even nostrils don’t feel safe.

Where do we begin with this Bukkake Erotica by MJ?

In typical Moctezuma style this is the male hotel party gangbang fantasy gone mad as Moctezuma butts heads with Jynx. That’s right, Moctezuma’s cock ends up banging into Jynx and Jynx starts exacting her revenge as soon as Moctezuma starts to bang another super-sexy Korean sexpot. This one, Jenny, has long legs that walk catwalks and get cat-calls. Jynx, a juicy ass sashaying cumslut, can’t stand her man inside another slut. She will get him to be hers and will stop at nothing. She plans a filthy humiliation for this supermodel slut rival but things never go as planned. Instead there are all kinds of turns and twists and spurts of cock on face and tits and bush and asshole. In this intense, sexy, depraved hotel party, dicks go in so many holes that even nostrils don’t feel safe. The truth is nothing is safe because someone has a cum-craving psycho-obsessive girlfriend. This wreaks havoc all over. It starts with this episode and keeps going deeper and deeper.

One Amazon Reviewer has this to say in praise of the first story:

“Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired” is one of those incredibly erotic and enticing mystery novels that mixes pleasure with drama and danger, sucking you into the entertaining erotic thriller until the very end.”

Click the Chick Watching Porn


Episode #2 is called The Devil’s Breath and the Angel’s Touch.

It is the Revenge of Jynx. Don’t think Jynx Maze, who I happen to have an incredible crush on (see Jynx Maze Face Fucked at if you think she’s a hot piece of ass), think Jynx the girlfriend obsessed with two things: cum and Moctezuma Johnson.

This is the crazy story of the ace up this little Asian sexpot’s sleeve. You will never guess what this little minx has in store for lanky Jenny and thick Moctezuma. Read to find out how horticulture leads to whore culture.

From reviewer Cat Jones:

Another hardcore spankfest from the warped mind of Moctezuma Johnson. Jynx, Jenny and Moctezuma return to deliver up a heaping dose of humiliation for all involved. If you’ve read the first episode you know this is definitely not for the faint of heart or loins!

 Bukkake Cum Slut Erotica featuring the Devil's Breath

Click the Chick

In comes the Korean-Russian Nymph to seduce somebody in Episode #3 of the Hardcore Series

After these first two crazy high-tension episodes the third installment slows down and seems almost like normal erotica until MJ looks inside Jynx’s refrigerator. Way before that happens MJ wakes up in a bus terminal chained to the wall with this gorgeous nymph attending him. He tries to trace back how he got there but it is as if his memory has been erased. During the episode he will get clues, like messages from Jenny that say that she is now in Bahrain or somewhere with a Prince or someone and that she never wants to contact MJ again, like flashback memories of clubs and naked bodies, but it is all a haze for him except that he has the hottest attendant in the history of kidnapping and hostages.

By this episode, it is well known that Jynx is a full-fledged fatal attraction crazy psycho bitch obsessive freak that probably mixes cum into her morning coffee and could be up to just about anything. Moctezuma is planning his escape. See how he fares escaping when faced with Ass to Mouth with the Nymph or Freedom.

From Amazon:

You get your sex fix, a little suspense, a mystery to ponder and a cliffhanger all wrapped up in part 3. It may be a little on the short side but it packs a punch. It may not have as much sex or humiliation as the previous two parts but I have a feeling it is only the beginning.


Click the Orgasmic Chick
to See what’s in Jynx’s Freezer


Moctezuma’s Brand of Literary Porn

If you haven’t read MJ before check him out at his site or blog to learn more about his tawdry and crazy prose. He has a book of “Love Poems” for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo,, etc called the Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends and has tons of blog posts, crazy artwork, and other interesting hardcore things.


This promo was written by MJ’s friend Red Pesca (author of filthy short shorts with stains all over them)


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Moctezuma Johnson’s Chronicles of Humiliation Backfired, featuring the Hotel Party

She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

I always love a little dubious consent

I always love a little dubious consent

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make gargoyles purr

The Wizard's Daughters are pretty delectable.

The Wizard’s Daughters are pretty delectable.

The Nymph & the Epiphany

New Erotic Psycho-Thriller

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Episode #3, Moctezuma’s most recent psycho-thriller literary porn mystery, is currently free.

The Plot

Jynx is back at it with her Devil’s Breath and manipulation of the lanky supermodel. Her new lackey is the Russian-Korean Nymph Tasha, she has all the tools necessary to put her nasty cum-filled plan into motion and make MJ all hers for all eternity. He knows she has some tricks up her sleeves but will he be able to extricate himself from the octopussy like suckers she has on him? Doubtful for a man who only thinks with his little head.



Moctezuma Johnson hanging out in the Literary Porn club
Six Pack

Six Pack Abs and Gorgeous Women pack the pages of MJ’s books!!

Welcome to my new site

I’m really quite pleased to have this site up and running. I’m planning to write a guest post for Christina Harding and I’m toying with the idea of writing about making your own website and what that means for your career. I was lucky to have some very nice and bright designers work on this site for me. I am quite grateful for their hard work. You can click below to learn more about them.

Book Pricing

In MJ news, Amazon (I have no idea how or why) made Triangulum Stain 100% Free. I had been trying to get a different book to list for free but they chose that one. I’m pleased to have a free book so new readers can get to know me. It’s quite a cool way to get more eyes on my writing. I hate charging someone $3 or $4 for a book but if you don’t you make a measly 35% commission. This site allows me to price my books a little more reasonably. Most books will probably end up around $1 but in the meantime I’m having a sale with a few at $.69 and Triangulum Stain Free.  So get yourself one of my books ASAP. Don’t miss out on these awesome prices.


Feel free to contact me if something isn’t working. Surely we will have to iron a few kinks out.

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Look to the right sidebar where you can join my mailing list and find out about great new deals and, of course, get a free book of your choice.


Triangulum Stain Reviewed by Christina Harding

Porno Literary Sci-Fi/Erotica by MJ

Triangulum Stain - Porno Literary Sci-Fi/Erotica

This Porno Literary Sci-Fi/Erotica has gotten rave reviews in its first month out

Girls Carrying Books Publisher of Porno Literary Fiction & Poetry

Girls Carry Books in their Hands cause their Sex Toys are concealed in their Bags

Don’t look now, but Christina Harding reviewed a second Moctezuma Johnson book. How awesome is that? Ok, look now at this literary porn hardcore erotica book reviewed by one of the web’s leading reviewers.

Triangulm Stain (available at Amazon) was released recently and has gotten great reviews so far and hopefully those with keep cumming (hehehe) in. Overall, my little sci-fi/erotica book has received two dicks up.

It’s possible that I will be writing a guest blog post at the Christina Harding site in the future.