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If you want to help me out with edits and future work and have another few minutes, please see the beta questions in the box. Thank you!

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Some beta questions:

1. Is Mi Hee charming or a sniveling little shit?
2. Do you care that Mi Hee’s mom dies?
3. Which character is the hottest?
4. What sex scene should be added/expanded?
5. What sex scene is unnecessary
6. Was the ending satisfying? What do you still want to know?
7. Where was the book boring as fuck?
8. Where did you lose interest reading?
9. What do you want to know more about?
10. Does this book make you want to have weightless sex with the author?
11. Who is Mi Hee’s biological mother?
12. Who is Mi Hee’s biological father?
13. Is there too much “history lesson” in it?


Please post the answers into the “notes” section on the review confirmation form or email them to me at