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It is rumored that Moctezuma Johnson was found in a New Jersey sewer in 1975 although this cannot be verified. He keeps a pet tiger in a cage outside his hotel room where he currently lives. He tore up Asia in search of the perfect ass–the kind that has lines that look like two Cs facing away from each other–but has given up that search instead to drink heavily and write literary hardcore smutpunk books. MJ, as his friends call him, enjoys science fiction and has started to work that into his writing while gradually working the poetry out. I mean, who reads poetry?

He has settled down with an ex-model, current lawyer, and future porn star who has tamed him in a way that lets him remain wild (while no longer being self-destructive). He is happy and he is starting to write more often. See his post “Don’t Worry, It’s Just Art” to learn more about that transition.

They say that he once had sex with Angelina Jolie and Margaret Atwood. This can be neither confirmed nor denied, publicly. A private email may get you the answer.


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Young Asian models having a little fun doing a silly photo shoot for The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends


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