Hire Poet | Poem for loved- (or hated-) one

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Moctezuma's SMUTPUNK'd abs is a poet for hire
Hire this Hot Poet

Hire Poet | Poem for loved- (or hated-) one

$2.99 $0.99

First poem is free!

I’ll write you or your loved one a poem!

Simply Add to Cart, pay, and provide your email. I will contact you soon asking for a little info (if you’d like to guide me). Then I’m off and writing.

Order as many as you like. Get one for everyone in your family!

It’s a gift nobody will forget.


Please fill out the Poetry Request Form and Order. I’ll get you a poem in 24 hours.



I’ll stop what I’m doing and scribble you a poem

Get an MJ-style poem emailed to your loved one or hated one (anonymously, if requested) with just the right and wrong words to make an incredible impression. I specialize in hate poems, sex poems, revenge poems, lust poems, and even romantic poems. Try me out. What do you have to lose?

I will email you the poem and will allow you a revision.



add artwork $5

make GIF $5

*just add quantity to change price

Please Fill Out This Poetry Request Form to give me some details about what you like. Thank you.