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You’ve arrived at Moctezuma Johnson’s EROTIC SMUTPUNK safe-haven.

Relax and make yourself at home and enjoy the infamous Smutpunk Erotica, which is to say deliciously offensive, funnysci-fi, cthulhu, silver age comic, fantasyliterary erotica by Moctezuma Johnson and the S. PUNK Crew.


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Book Description

Heather is a lovely young lady.

No, not really.

Heather is a hot Asian chick who has a thing for roller-skates and yoga pants. She’s also obsessed with white, err, sticks and dominant men. All she wants is the ‘one that got away, but not everything is as it seems. Some kinky smutpunkery is underfoot. Games are being played. Heather will have to wage a new kink-warfare to empower her inner Queen Bitch.

Who’s the player? And who’s being played? That remains to be seen.

Get a ring-side view of Heather’s heart panties and her spinning glittery roller-skates.

Let the games begin.

NOTE: This book has all the taboo fun you’ve come to expect from smutpunk erotica. It features humiliation, cuckolding, roller-skates, exercise, diet and fitness, menage, raceplay, MILFs, and roleplay.


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