Women Basically Suck at Giving Head | The Truth About Giving Head (You Suck At It and Not in a Good Way)

Make Her Bananas Happy

There’s a lot of awful head out there. Are you one of the women who thinks you’re awesome at it while the guys are merely tolerating you because just about any head is better than no head? Read and find out the truth.

Every woman I’ve ever spoken with says she’s great at fellatio. That said I’ve had hundreds of blowjobs and I can count the incredible ones on my fingers. That’s not a great percentage. I’d estimate that it’s about .5% – 2% of the women out there that can suck a mean dick. The remaining 99.5% are just all talk and no skill. How does this happen?

Well, since any moderately attractive girl turned 11 she’s had guys trying to fuck her 24-7. This messes with your self-esteem. Then society tells girls don’t be a whore, missy. Sluts are bad. So while she’s totally, like, curious about dick she’s got this voice in her head making her wait. Plus she’s scared. Dick is weird. Dick is gross.

Now we all know we never really outgrow that adolescent inside of us and thus we have a problem.

What can women do to get better at sucking dick? It all starts with committemnt. In my experience, Asian women are often better at giving blowjobs because they are willing to submit. They will learn from what I like and really make an effort to please me. Even if her deepthroat isn’t amazing she will offer herself up for pleasure. Any woman who makes sucking dick about my pleasure will get very good results. Them’s the breaks. So, women, if you want to learn to please your man you’re going to need to embrace your inner slut and submit. Click the link below to learn more.

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