Steak and BJ Day – A short short story


Steak and BJ Day – A short short Story

B. Manwhore – The Steak was Overcooked but the BJ was Raw

Story by Moctezuma Johnson


“Honey, what’s this book you have here?”

“What book? I didn’t leave any book.”

“You sure? Black book with red trim? Picture of a buxom bimbo on the front kneeling in front of a man in a suit? It says it’s by B. Manwhore. You know him?”

“Never heard of him.”

Curious as I always was, I flipped open the pages and will never be the same. I guess this is what some feel when they peruse the work of Moctezuma Johnson, like their virginity itself had been raped viciously, and that’s what I felt upon opening the heavy satin pages of this discarded smutpunk. When I opened the pages, I smelled the distinct odor of vanilla as dust puffed out the book.

“Where did it come from?” I called out to my wife.

“If you want to talk, come in here. I’m sick of yelling across the apartment.”

My wife was never any help in my rambling curiosity, but I was sure I had not left any book here on the table beside the couch. I would remember a red and black satin cover like this too. This was new. It was beautiful.

I flipped through the pages and will try to summarize what I saw and read. My mouth hung open as I read. I felt so excited that I could feel the muscles behind my balls aching they were working so hard. It was a bizarre feeling but it was also great. I was sweating at the upper lip, my legs were shaking, and my heart was beating fast.


In the book was a gorgeous woman with smooth skin, big phat butt cheeks that any renaissance sculptor would be dying to carve in stone, and steely piercing blue eyes. This woman with the cold eyes of a killer was there and my wife, the one who had never seen this book, was hugging her. My wife was a good looking woman, she kept herself yoga fit and this other woman’s caramel hands squeezed by wife’s fine booty and then their tongues came together. The sharp tip of the woman’s tongue met my wife’s tongue and then disappeared in her mouth. They kissed ravenously and then a voice told the caramel hands to take my wife’s top off. If you are wondering how I could be sure it was my wife in this book, rest assured it was easy. They called her by her name, Jisoo, and the book was live. As I looked at it I saw it. It was really happening in my mind, like a memory. It was better than TV or Movie or Netflix or Youtube. It was realer. And Smutpunker. And as Deliza kissed my wife’s big Asian tits I saw her beauty mark right on the side boob. Behind the two women enlaced in foreplay was a man standing in front of a stove. He was B. Manwhore. Nobody knew what the B. stood for. They all called him B. Maybe he had a white-boy name like Brent or Bryan, or maybe it was more exotic like Booker or Belaji. Anyway, B. Manwore was a big man of nondescript background. He may have been white, he may have been Latino, maybe he was from the Middle East. It was hard to tell but he was commanding. He watched the girls get each other hot, kissing, necking, sucking on each others tits. Deliza’s breasts were magnificent. They were big and squishy yet still firm even though they were much bigger than my wife’s pair. Deliza held them around Jissoo’s face and kissed her cleavage and all the ample side boob that squashed around Jisoo’s eye cavity and nose. Jisoo was drowning in big black boobs and loving it. She was fingering her pussy and B. Manwhore was grinning from ear to ear. He lowered his pants and a massive cock popped out. It was like a bean stalk. It was so big it must have had different area codes. He winked at me, I guess he knew I was watching through the book. He snapped his fingers and the girls stopped sucking on each other and obediently kneeled in front of Manwhore. The more he controlled by wife and this other delicious woman the more aroused I became. I liked seeing Jisoo under the sexual hypnosis of another man. I was at once jealous and excited. My stomach was racing with emotions.

My wife watched as Deliza struggled to get half his massive dick into her throat. Manwhore handed my wife two steaks off the frying pan. As Deliza tried to suck his massive dick my wife obediently fed Manwhore steak, animalistically. He ate the whole slap by ripping piece by piece out of my wife’s delicate hands. The Manwhore was a beast.

Finally, after he had jizzed on Deliza’s shaved slit. Deliza sat on the kitchen table while my wife licked his cum off of her. Meanwhile she was on her hands and knees, offering herself to him. He took her from behind and made her scream. My wife throws her head back when she cums. Her breasts were shaking, her ass was spread, and Manwhore pounded her pussy hard and deep from behind. Jisoo had licked up all the cum from Deliza’s shaved snatch and that’s when Manwhore pushed all the way inside of her hard and held his dick up there. Jisoo threw her head back and moaned.

I closed the book. I was sweating profusely. I stood up and looked at the stove. There were two pans with the fatty remnants of a steak being cooked.

“Honey? Did you cook a couple of steaks today?”



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