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Well now, here’s your choice. Asian SMUTPUNK by MJ or Asian SMUTPUNK by Emme Hor. All of these women contain a secret, like a doorway to another place. Click on each Asian Model wisely to find delights.


See what I see


Boy, Girl, I’ve got a tip for you

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Sexy Asian Supermodel Goes on the Ride of her Life

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BB-8: Erotic Smutpunk Bulletin


 Well here’s your Erotic Smutpunk Bulletin, kiddies!

Well, you’ve Chosen Your Own Kink already with my last book. What about this time? Would you like some sexual instruction compiled over 29 years of fucking ravenously? Behold, the Sex Manual by MJ. A veritable how to fuck, con, convince, coerce, and cohabitate. All you need to know from “Getting Your Girl to Give you Deepthroat” to “Ways to Be Slutty for your Man” to “What’s the best chemical compound to make copious amounts of FAKE CUM” found in this tidy little bedroom companion book. It’s a must have if you have a penis, pussy, or both. 


Smutpunk on Skates by Emme Hor – Print Book coming 2017.

The book will be a combination of all four short books that were penned by Emme and edited by me. I am working on the cover now and it’s pretty damn hot. Want a look? Of course you do because you know that there’s a mosque, yoga pants, a hot asian chick in pink glittery roller-skates, and a butt plug. I commissioned my Italian buddy to truly paint the fucker so it came great. Want a look? Of course you do so be sure you’re on the LPRTG mailing list to get notified when it leaves “My Documents” and enters the public space.


Instruction Manual for Sex tentatively titled THE SEX MANUAL

It’s not quite out, but you can see the SEX MANUAL home page (I’m banned from Pre-Order on the Zon. Why? Because I’m banned from nearly everything. Thus I have my own website and my own erotic smutpunk bulletin!) It will be out soon and be sure to be on the LPRTG mailing list so you get notified of the release. Or just comment below, saying, “I want to be part of your Review Team” and I’ll get a Free Copy into your hands. Oh yeah! SMUTPUNK4LYF, baby! This book is really a lot of fun but it also happens to contain some good ideas (says who? says me? oh, and my editor said so!). It guarantees safe, fun, useful sexual sessions for you and your partner(s). I so guarantee it that I stand by a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don’t have at least one awesome session thanks to reading.

Quick Marketing Tip: Promo some other people. Feel free to promote MJ or Emme. Good Karma rewarded freely!

You have to be part of the SMUTPUNK MOVEMENT. I mean, you have #smutpunkforchange #smutpunkeloquence #smutpunkelegance #smutpunk4lyf all at your disposal (and of course the uber-popular LPRTG hashtag). When you hang with me and my SMUTPUNK CREW you get free books from me and Emme, you get the always informative and low-calorie Bullshit Bulletins, you get poems, artwork, and sex tips. What else do you need to be hot and bothered from meaty morning to nipple night?


Dr S. Punk asks

why am I such a sucker for watching young chicks in their twenties with shaved bush and perky ass tits get fucked in the ass? I don’t know, doctor, I just don’t know.

I thought I’d share the flyer from the Match of the Century, [[insert]] which will be an entry in the upcoming SMUTPUNK LEXICON. Be sure to get on the LPRTG mailing list to get your important information. There’s weekly sex tips (always useful), free books, special events, and now vocabulary building lexicon entries.


Promo Section

Mystk Knight’s website (Aka Mystk Ghoti)

Ashlee Shades’ blog wiki


#SexManual #MensHealth #Impotence #Men #Fitness #Diet #Health — these are some of the hashtags that I’ll be pitching my new book to. Wish me luck and help me out. All ideas welcome. Feel free to post on FB for me since I no longer use. #FA – FacebookersAnonymous – Oh, shit, wait! That’s not true. I am so all up in The Facebook again under my wife’s name and now even my fucking own.


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and Jynx

Fuck it, just click them all and open up little windows and like the whole lot of them. Type “Stalked” into the comments and get yourself a free book filled with sex tips and humor.


Interview with Sexy and Spectacular Shelby Kent-Stewart

Shelby was nice enough to withstand my asinine questions and put her grace and class all over my smutpunk. She sometimes calls me the #SmutpunkScholar and ClassI call her #SmutpunkElegance. Everything she touches exudes class and style. I think even if she was injecting me with an HIV-laced syringe, she would inject it gracefully, like a St. Petersburg ballerina.


New SMUTPUNK Poem: Ana

She calls herself Pussy

that’s her name

I call my baby, Pussy


I met her in go-go bar

on her knees

making great eye contact

like wormholes led to her irises

like butter could be freid on her butt crack

like shows were filmed in her cleavage

I met her in a go-go bar

where GIs once roamed

who had long retreated into the hillsides

with the terrorists

I met her in a go-go bar

had her lick my balls

right there from where I sat

on the bar stool

bottle of spiced rum in my hand

more in my gut

my hair afroing out like gluttony

she tongued my asshole

while i admired the tits on the go-go dancer

on the stage

while my buddy lit another Marlboro Red

while a second girl put her hand around my cock

You take it up the ass? I asked the ass-licker

Her eyes were wide open and pretty. She nodded

Great. Let’s go to my room. What’s your name?




Use the comments below for “Stalked” or “I want to be part of your REVIEW TEAM” (see above for more info). You can also use the comments section to berate me with all the curse words your vocabulary contains. Other uses are looked at with suspicion. Thanks for reading. ‘Nuff said.
–The Management of the Desgracia


When linking back to this page please put the word “smutpunk” in the link. For example, “MJ’s Smutpunk” or “Smutpunk Site

Please note that BB-8 stands for Bullshit Bulletin, which I’d like to expand to the Bullshit Bullpen Erotic Smutpunk Bulletin


she’s kneelingeud-292759-present_a_facefuck-eachasscheeklookslikeasperm

her necklace is beautiful

the sun is catching the silver

flashing it into my eyes

morse code of cumshot

it’s saying to get her tonsils


she’s kneeling

beside the convention hall

where we had queued up before

now cars amble by

people on bikes are across the highway

by the Hudson river

a helicopter takes off nearby


she’s kneeling

her fit ass looks hot

and round sitting on her heels

“that’s it, babe. Deep.”

Her necklace is beautiful


Her throat muscles

milk out the cumshot

I shoot some into her mouth

pull out and shoot more

right onto the smutpunk necklace

we both smile


she’s kneeling with my cum

on her necklace

gooily hanging

and we are happy

$. – the new wiki for you to explore and enjoy the many side of S. Punk #smutpunk #LPRTG

Brand Spanking New:


Hey, lovelies, have no fear

the smutpunk wiki has arrived here

So please, my dear, become a peer

as we all need S. punk in our ears


Please contribute. It’s fun and easy. If you’re SMUTPUNK 4Lyf you will want to show your love and get adulation from the Merry Band of SMUTPUNKists, MOJO and the FUNKY GET S.PUNK CREW (yes, say that to the tune of Sgt. Pepper’s, of course). Let me know via comment, email, carrier pigeon if there’s any trouble with crossed wiki wires.

Cause, as they say, smutpunk grabs erotica by the futa balls and feeds it to Nyarlathotep.



Click Melania for Direct SMUTPUNK access.

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You want to confront that Alpha Male? Are you crazy?

Sorry, nice try, but who are you kidding? You were way too much of a big wet pussy terrified of confrontation for this bold option, so you just went home and cried and then visited “cuckold smutpunk” on google to make yourself feel better and landed here for all of us to laugh at, jeer, heckle, and ultimately purge of your deep pussy-ness in a cathartic re-constitution like the Mexican Vulture rising from the Flames. Reborn, karma cleaned.

And this is why you read. To grow. To open your minds. To get better. To improve. This is why you let Moctezuma Johnson SMUTPUNK you in the private confines of your own plush bedrooms while wrapped in lightly perfumed designer sheets. This is why you stare mouth agape at your mobile phones while riding the train commuting between crappy apartments and dead-end jobs to let Moctezuma gunge dopamine into your synaptic canals.

Choose Your Own SEXcapade © 2016 by Moctezuma Johnson

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Slut gets SMUTPUNK’d good

Slut Gets SMUTPUNK'd good

Slut Gets SMUTPUNK’d good